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4 material handling equipment for a smart move

Incorporating material handling devices into any construction business is always a smart move. Whether you are looking for a material handling solution to relocate to your distribution center, assembly line, warehouse, stockroom or anywhere else. Custom forged steel fixtures are suitable for assembly lines, distribution centers, stock rooms and warehouses. Material handling tools in manufacturing process may include:

  • Add inner strength
  • Monument Part Protection
  • Promote worker safety
  • Remove detailed load shipping permits
  • Increase usability again
  • Improving indoor plant logistics
  • Increase the floor space of the shop
  • Optimize your production line
  • Refine handling and staging
  • Increase the success of lean production

Multi use system

Multi-use systems are custom engineered material handling systems. They are often a combination of integrated products for the system. A good example is the build stand used during the assembly line, which eliminates the time involved in time transfer.The following are some examples of multiple use systems:

  • Assembly stand
  • Product build stand
  • Shipping and handling
  • Staging stand
  • Positioning device

Positioning equipment

Poorly located products and devices can be dangerous to workers during transport, handling, storage and machining. This can be the biggest threat to your bottom line. To prevent worker injuries and damage to products and materials, consider ergonomics positioning equipment such as waist level assembly or lift / rotation assistance. If your needs are unique, again, customization is always a viable option. For example, an instrument operator uses a tool to load laboratory equipment into a processing machine with minimal physical effort.Here are some examples of devices in the following locations:

  • Stock mover
  • Stock picker
  • Content flow
  • Work lifts
  • Hydraulic post table
  • Product production stands
  • Storage device 

Storage equipment

Storage devices can enhance processes and increase security. Storage equipment helps reduce or eliminate debris, organize other appliances and devices, and secure flooring and storage space. When the workplace operates efficiently and safely, employees are safe. Sometimes the weight of the part will determine the use of the tool; it can be costly for the operator to take the time to find the tool. Below is an example: Storage bins were placed on casters to accelerate part acquisition by acquisition operators.Below are some examples of storage devices:

  • Rack
  • Shelves
  • Rail (to hang)
  • Fixed fixtures

Transport equipment

Between the loading dock and the storage area, transport equipment is used to move the material from one place to another. The image below shows that keeping the part at an angle reduces the width of the load and can therefore eliminate the additional cost of transporting a larger load.Some types of transportation include:

  • Bar / Pipe Transport trolleys
  • Pallet trucks
  • Cantilever carts
  • Dollies
  • Cradles Canted
  • Ergo carriage
  • Flat Deck Industrial Vehicle
  • Mobile storage cabinets
  • Panel sheet cart
  • Stock picker truck
  • Equipment and maintenance trolleys

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