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4 New Educational Technologies Teachers Can Use in Their Curriculum

4 New Educational Technologies Teachers Can Use in Their Curriculum

Classrooms are not like the days of old. Now, students have more access to information and technology than ever before. As of the 2019-2020 academic school year, over a third of teachers reportedly used technology for in-class activities.

In the education industry, there are now many teaching aids that you can put to effective use through the utilization of education technologies. Here is a brief list of some that you can put to use in your classroom to keep your students more engaged.


Teaching has been made easier by the modernization of the classroom. There are many options to choose from when trying to engage your students.

The smartboard is an interactive projected computer screen. It allows the computer to be scaled and used as a resource by the rest of the class. You will be able to display pictures, videos, and even interactive games for the entire class to use.

iPads and Tablets

Once upon a time, having a computer in a classroom was a luxury. Now, students have individual iPads and tablets to do work and participate in activities in class as well as at home.

iPads and tablets have many benefits, such as giving students the ability to access information at a moment’s notice. Tablets and iPads also improve the desire to learn in students because it gamifies the task of learning through their use in the classroom.


Electronic books are yet another technology that can be utilized in classrooms for the benefit of the students. Regular paperback books are bulky and take up a considerable amount of space in classrooms.

E-books, on the other hand, are small tablets that can store hundreds of digital books at one time. This gives students the ability to carry all their textbooks, reading materials, and personal novels all in one small package.

E-books can even double as tablets in certain circumstances as well.

Ed-Tech Apps

There are apps for everything now, including educational help.

All you have to do is choose the best one for the subject you are teaching. There are educational games, resources, reference tools, teaching aids, and even entire teaching lessons that teachers can access through educational apps.

You can use other websites or applications like schools IT to boost the teaching experience in your classroom and keep students more engaged, on task, and willing and ready to learn as well.

Educational Technologies for Educators

Student learning is paramount to the success of a school, and that can come in many forms. Now there are many different educational technologies that teachers can implement in their classrooms that will keep their students ready to learn.

As a teacher, you have the opportunity to shape a student’s life and the responsibility to do it to the best of your ability. Use these tips today with the help of classroom technologies and watch for yourself how much your students will learn because of them.

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