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4 Reasons Why Everyone Loves Porcelain Benchtops

The benchtop material you choose to incorporate into your home can actually make a great different in terms of not only aesthetics, but also practicality. After all, your benchtops serve as a worksurface and a storage space, as well as being the focal point for many kitchens, bathrooms, or bars. Porcelain benchtops in particular have become a widespread favourite amongst many Australian homeowners. Of course, when you consider all the many benefits and advantages they have to provide, it really comes as no surprise.

Having the right kitchen or bathroom benchtops installed can make a lot more of a difference in your home than you may have initially thought. Below are some of the reasons why porcelain benchtops are a favourite amongst many Australian homeowners:

Long-Lasting Investment

If you’re looking to make a long-lasting investment into something that guarantees to hold up well, then porcelain benchtops are an ideal solution for your home. During the manufacturing process, porcelain benchtops are subjected to quite extreme pressures and temperatures, which makes them incredibly durable and resistant. For this reason, they are able to hold up well against the tests of time, ensuring to stay strong and stunning for an extended period of time.

When you have hard-wearing benchtops that continue to look and function great over the years, you won’t have to worry about replacements, repairs or renovations for a while. Moreover, if you’re planning on selling your home, having great-looking benchtops in your kitchen especially can help to make the space seem that much more appealing to potential buyers. After all, the kitchen is considered to be the room most likely to sell your home, according to real estate agents.

Extensive Variety

Every homeowner wants to seek out the best porcelain kitchen benchtops in Perth for their home, along with the perfect bathroom countertops to match with their existing interior design. Thankfully, it’s that easy with the extensive array of options available to you with porcelain benchtops. Porcelain benchtops can be manufactured in a number of different colours, tones, patterns and finishes. Moreover, it can even be made to look similar to specific natural stone materials, such as marble or granite. So, if you’re a big fan of the look of natural stone, but you’re not ready to commit to such an upscale investment, you could always compromise by going for porcelain benchtops first off.

Stain-Resistant and Hygienic

When it comes to your kitchen or bathroom’s benchtops, there’s two things that you generally have to consider; hygiene and susceptibility to staining. Keep in mind that you may be working with easy-to-stain substances in both rooms. For example, nail polish, makeup or hair dye in the bathroom, and wine, coffee, pasta sauce or curry in the kitchen. Of course, hygiene is also important to ensure when working in the kitchen, since this is where you’ll be preparing food for guests and family members to eat. Moreover, the bathroom can quickly become a moist and humid environment, which provides the perfect conditions for bacteria to thrive.

The good news is that with porcelain benchtops, you can hit two birds with one stone, thanks to the fact that this benchtop material is both stain resistant and hygienic. This is because porcelain benchtops feature low porosity, which means there are minimal cracks and crevices in the surface for bacteria or substances to seep into.

Suitable for Outdoors

Outdoor kitchens are becoming more and more common in Australian homes, and it really comes as no surprise why. We’re lucky enough to experience some beautiful weather here in Perth, so it makes sense that people would want to make the most of it by investing into their outdoor living area, or installing an outdoor kitchen. If you’re one of these homeowners that absolutely loves the idea of having an outdoor kitchen, then porcelain benchtops are an excellent solution to consider for your space. Since porcelain benchtops are ultra-compact and UV resistant, you won’t have to worry about excessive sun exposure causing them to fade or crack at a rapid speed. This benchtop material promises to withstand against even the harshest Australian conditions experienced outside. Needless to say, you’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth.

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