4 Reasons You Should Consider a Mobile Solar System for Your Van or RV

4 Reasons You Should Consider a Mobile Solar System for Your Van or RV

Are you one of the 9 million people who own an RV in the US?

If so, you must consider a mobile solar system for your vehicle!

It’s not surprising you’re part of the RV or van life community. It’s one of the most popular trends since the turn of the century. But it is surprising if you don’t use solar power in this day of age.

Each year the demand for solar panels continues to rise, and you can discover why.

All you need to do is keep reading to uncover four reasons to invest in a mobile solar system!

1. Solar Panels Are Eco-Friendly

Unfortunately, since 1981 the earth’s temperature has risen by 0.32° F per decade. To make matters worse, experts predict that number will grow in the upcoming years.

Many people left their houses and moved into a van or RV to reduce their carbon footprint. But to help mother earth even more, they can switch to solar energy.

The good news is your can help combat this issue by switching to mobile solar systems. Solar fuel is created by harnessing energy from the sun and converting it into electricity. It cuts out the production of greenhouse gases and reduces your carbon footprint.

2. Mobile Solar Systems Require Little to No Maintenance

The power source is the beating heart of your RV or van. And if you live in it full time, it must be in good working order every second of the day. The last thing you’ll want is your heating to turn off in the middle of a winter’s night.

Unlike other generators, you won’t have to charge, stock up on gas, or maintain your solar panels. The most effort you need to put into solar panels is wiping them occasionally.

The reliability of solar panels is another way they’re eco-friendly. You don’t have to keep replacing generators once they break down.

3. Solar Panels Free up Precious Space

An average RV is 33 ft long, 9.5ft wide, and 10ft tall. That’s much smaller than any house or flat, so making the most of your space is vital.

If you have a van, chances are you have far less space.

A gas generator is stored inside your van or RV. That takes up more of your area and disrupts the style and atmosphere of your space.

Solar panels are slick and are attached to the roof of your vehicle. It frees up more room inside for furniture or to declutter your space.

4. Solar Panels Give You the Freedom to Go Where You Want When You Want

If you’re part of the van life community, there are still some limitations to where you can spend the night. You might have to search for shore power sockets nearby. Or look for a gas station to ensure your generator is topped up.

Solar panels don’t have any of those problems.

When it’s cloudy, a mobile solar system can still generate energy. If you want to park in the shade, you can detach your panels and leaves them to charge up in the sunshine.

If you want panels for the freedom to go where you want, when you want, visit Go Power!

Switch to a Mobile Solar System Today

Living or traveling by van is an unforgettable venture. No matter what form of power style you use, you enjoy yourself. But to get the most out of this sought-after experience, you must switch to a mobile solar system!

If you wish to learn more ways to make the most out of life, keep reading our extensive blog for free!

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