4 Signs Your Car Needs Battery Service and Replacement

Like a human body has various components in them to function properly, similarly, a car also has various components like engine, battery, brakes, wheels, and many more to function properly. Every component has its roles and importance. If the engine is like the heart of a car then the battery is like the brain of a car. When we turn our car keys in the ignition, the car battery gives instructions to the engine to respond. Suppose you are going on a trip with your family or friends and everything is properly planned up but when you start your car it doesn’t respond. It is due to battery issues. You need to either take a Car battery service or replacement. 

Here below are some issues that must be trace out and rectify:-

Slow Engine Crank

When you attempt to start a car by turning your keys in the ignition and engine cranking is slow, your car takes longer than the normal time to start. 

Dim Headlights

If you notice that your car headlights are not giving a proper light then it is a sign that your car battery needs to be serviced or changed.

The battery terminal becomes loose, shabby, or dirty

Battery terminals and cables should be tightly secured, clean so that they can perform at their best. You can also check your car battery by twisting or turning the terminal on the battery. If you can twist the terminal there is a risk of melting the battery terminal or also a risk of explosion due to a loose connection. 

If the car battery cables or terminal is dirty or shabby then it will increase resistance and full power will not be delivered to start the motor.

Swelling Battery Case

You must keep an eye on your battery case. If your car battery case looks like it is swelling then it is due to the high heat explosion which decreases your battery life.

There are various reasons which can decrease the battery life of your car. You can’t ignore all these issues as they can lead to big damage also. Sparking from the battery can lead to a fire. Like a human body needs a regular checkup, your car also needs a regular checkup. Like in a human body, the disease needs early treatment, similarly, car problems need to be rectified as soon as possible. 

We always ignore these battery issues and leave them to be repaired later. If you have to go somewhere and you have to hurry up, slow engine cranking can be a reason for your late comings. Dim Headlights can lead to accidents. High heat release from the battery can also lead to a fire. Bad battery conditions are a mostly reason behind car explosions. To avoid these problems, owners should take-charge of servicing and replacing their car batteries regularly. 

Car battery life keeps going 3-5 years since its appliance. If you have installed your car battery for three years or more than that and you live in a hot climate, then your battery surely needs a service. Owners should take a regular inspection of their car battery so that their car runs smoothly covering long distances.

Why are car batteries subject to damage due to atmospheric changes? 

In the summer season, when the temperature is too high, a battery containing a liquid which is a mixture of acid and water evaporates. If this liquid is too low internal plates of the battery are not properly protected and can lead to damage. That’s why drivers or passengers are always advised not to smoke in the car. 

In the cold season, when a temperature is too low the engine’s motor oil becomes thicker, thus the battery needs to supply enough power to the starter motor. It leads to causing more pressure on the battery and high pressure can lead to decreasing the battery life.

You can take help of some best car repair shops to improve your car battery performance. Some of the battery services which you can take are:-

Battery Charging

Sometimes batteries need no replacement. Dead batteries can be charged and they can add life to your dead batteries. Mechanics in Perth use a specialised voltmeter to check the status of your battery and do the Car battery service as per your car requirements.

Battery Replacement

Car batteries are subject to deterioration due to weather changes. In hot weather, it can release a high volume of heat whereas in cold weather, it produces less current and that’s why car batteries don’t respond effectively. If there is a need for car battery replacement then only car mechanic replace it as per the make and model of your car.

If you are facing such problems then get your car battery service with professional and experienced mechanics in Perth who will trace out the possible battery issues in your car and will give back to you a smooth-running car.

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