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 4 Surprising Benefits Of Myrrh Oil You Need To Know

Myrrh oil has been in human use for thousands of years due to its healing properties. In addition to healing properties, the oil comes with several benefits that are hard to ignore. Myrrh is a reddish-brown dried sap from a thorny tree called Commiphora myrrha. The tree is cut to release the resin from which oil is extracted through steam distillation. 

The word myrrh comes from the Arabic word ‘murr’ meaning bitter. The myrrh oil is smoky, sweet, or sometimes bitter in smell. It is known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects owing to the compounds called terpenoids and sesquiterpenes. To know more about the surprising benefits of myrrh oil- keep reading! 

1. Relieves Gum Inflammation 

Some of the natural mouthwashes and toothpaste that contain myrrh oil are available on the market and can help you relieve mouth sores and gum inflammation. Owing to antimicrobial properties, myrrh is used to treat oral infections and inflammations. 

However, you need to be careful when using these products. As you’re not allowed to swallow them because high doses of myrrh can be toxic for your health. 

2. Relieves Pain And Swelling

Using myrrh oil can help you fight pain and swelling, pure myrrh oil at Frankincense Pure can be beneficial in this regard. The reason is, myrrh has the tendency to block the production of inflammatory chemicals that causes swelling and pain, thereby reducing the symptoms. 

Myrrh oil can be applied directly to the body part that is sore. Massage the oil on the affected area for a few minutes and see your pain go away. Myrrh oil contains certain compounds that interact with opioid receptors and signal your brain that you’re not in pain. In addition, it blocks the production of inflammatory chemicals that aggravate the swelling and pain. 

3. Improves Skin Health

Myrrh has been in use for thousands of years to prevent aging and maintain healthy skin. Nowadays, it is used in skin care products to help with moisturizing and to add fragrance to it. It can soothe chapped skin patches and provide better skin health. 

In addition, the topical administration of myrrh oil on the skin can lead to faster healing of wounds as it raises the number of white blood cells around skin wounds. Moreover, it helps with the irritation of the skin to give the skin a healthy look and rejuvenates the skin. 

4. Antibacterial And Antifungal Properties

Myrrh has antibacterial and antifungal properties due to which it has been used for healing purposes for a long time. Nowadays, it is being used to treat fungal infections like athlete’s foot, ringworm, acne, etc. in addition, owing to antibacterial properties it can fight certain bacterias such as S. aureus infections. 

Moreover, myrrh has been also used to treat fascioliasis caused by parasitic worm infection. Its medication is made by using myrrh to decrease the symptoms of the infection and promote healing. 

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