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4 Things to Know About Data Usage for Streaming Services

There are over four billion Internet users in the world, and that number is rising. Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, more and more people have been streaming content around the world. There’s just not a lot to do!

But, what do you need to understand about your data usage so that you don’t go overboard? Let’s go through what you need to know about data usage for streaming.

  1. Video Traffic on Networks is High

Video streaming takes up a high percentage of internet usage. And major streaming platforms take up a major portion of that traffic. Netflix, for example, makes up over twelve percent of video traffic.

And, because people are streaming more video, they’re also using more data overall. However, audio streaming rates have actually decreased since the rise of COVID-19 because fewer people had the need to commute.

  1. Watch Your Data

If you’re streaming on your phone, you can run up high data rates very quickly. If you don’t have an unlimited data plan, and you spend a lot of time streaming while you’re not connected to WiFi, it might be a good idea to look into one.

You should also look for internet plans that provide for your needs. Check out CenturyLink internet plans, and see if there’s one that suits you.

Streaming music or podcasts also takes up data. But, because of the lower file size, it tends to use up less data than streaming video.

  1. Know Your Usage Rates

Different resolutions and services can make your data usage rates higher or lower. Streaming a standard definition video via Netflix, for example, usually takes around 0.7 gigabytes each hour. But, streaming in high definition can take 3 gigabytes each hour. That’s a huge increase!

So, if you’re looking to lessen your data usage rates, try turning down your resolution. You can do the same with the streaming box on your television, if you’re looking to lower your data rates at home.

And, data usage can vary across streaming sites. Hulu, for example, uses significantly less data than other video streaming services.

The strength of your internet connection also plays a role in your ability to stream content. At home, broadband and cable networks can have very different speeds.

And, if you’re streaming off your phone, your location can affect your ability to stream content. If you end up roaming, your connection will often be worse. The same is true if you wander into an area without 5G.

  1. Look For Ways To Reduce Data Usage

There are things you can do to reduce your overall data usage. Connect to WiFi whenever possible.

If you’re at your friend’s house, ask them for their WiFi password. Plus, you can ask your phone or internet companies for recommendations.

Data Usage for Streaming: Now You Know

Clearly, there’s a lot to learn about data usage for streaming. Hopefully, you now have an outline of what’s important.

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