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4 Ways to Improve Employee Experience

The employee experience is the journey a company takes to ensure its employees are satisfied with their jobs and their daily environment. In recent times, businesses have realized that employee experience has a knock-on effect on productivity and outcomes.

At the beginning of 2022, a study found that 90% of employers were prioritizing greater employee experience to give them an all-around positive work experience thanks to encouragement, certainty, and communication.

Interestingly, many employees no longer apply for jobs thanks to the amazing benefits on offer, but simply wish to work for a company that have a positive effect on their overall happiness.

Here are just a few ways your business can improve the employee experience:

1.    Improve communication

One of the key reasons why some employees struggle in the workplace is the lack of communication within the organization. However, by promoting interaction in-house, you’ll foster a sense of community and a unified culture – especially when it comes to working toward a certain goal.

What’s more, the employer should also aim to speak with employees individually regularly, whether that be promoting an open-door policy or offering feedback where necessary. For remote workers, the use of communication tools allows employers to keep all members of the workforce in the loop and provide updates.

2.    Allow flexible working

In light of the pandemic, employees have grown accustomed to working from home and with flexible hours that suit them.

During this time, many discovered that remote and hybrid working fit around their own responsibilities and allowed them to achieve a greater work/life balance. As opposed to a five-day working week in the office, you could consider booking flexible office space at The Brew for co-working when completing collaborative projects in either open-plan surroundings and more private meeting rooms.

In turn, employees get the best of both worlds: social time in an office environment and the opportunity to work from home on a more regular basis.

3.    Create a positive work environment

The employer must ensure they do everything in their power to create a positive work environment. There are many ways this can be achieved through acts of diversity and inclusivity, as well as rewarding efforts when goals and targets are met.

What’s more, employers should also pay attention to giving employees the chance to progress in their careers. This is especially the case for millennials and gen Z workers, who typically favor career development over any other benefits. This can be achieved through training and setting out five-year plans.

It may also be worth assigning a mentor for each employee who they can turn to when they need help, advice, and support.

4.    Invite feedback and act on it

All employers should be aware of their employees’ thoughts and feelings to improve their experience in the workplace. Holding regular meetings and sending out feedback surveys will give you a brief idea of where their heads are at and understand any immediate concerns that need to be addressed. However, this technique will only be effective if employers make it clear that employees will be listened to.

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