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4 Ways Translation Is Transforming Health Care

Jeopardy is one of the most popular American television game show in history.

Jeopardy is one of the most popular American television game show in history. In over 9200 episodes, there is one show that sticks out from the rest. And is significantly eminent for our topic of discussion today. 

In one of the episodes, there was a contest between an IBM computer and some very smart people. IBM won that contest, without any doubt.

But it advocated the notion that a computer could outperform humans, given the right strategy and input. 

Some may argue that human minds cannot be substituted with a machine. But it’s not about that. This is not a competition to find out which option is better.

This is about reducing human efforts. And incorporating a machine’s error-free work. This may pose a threat to the human translation community.

But in reality, it is not about finding which one is perfect, but whether they are perfect for each other or not.  

Technology Is Essential For The Healthcare Sector

Similarly, technology is essential for the healthcare sector, given the number of patients that have increased in the past couple of years. And especially due to Covid-19.

From cataloging huge amounts of data to translating medical content into multiple languages, Medical translation services have catapulted a technological shift towards enabling a healthier lifestyle for people all around the world. 

If an individual is still confused pertaining to the potential of IT in health care, then just observe this fact. Venture capitalists have streamed almost $1 billion into healthcare IT.

This number was $354million about four years ago. The reason, although unfortunate, is that it is the need of the hour. Due to globalization, diseases also travel as quickly as a viral video.

Hence, it is important that large amounts of money go into the healthcare sector.  

Support From The Government 

Moreover, federal governments are not staying behind as well. Over $30 billion are spent to stimulate hospitals and doctors to endeavor towards digitization of healthcare.

This has also encouraged agencies like life sciences translation services to appear on the scene and benefit humanity with its assistance. 

Let’s observe how some of the brightest minds in the world are getting consumed in healthcare. And incorporating translation to transform health care. 

Interpreting Diagnosis and Treatment

The Challenge of Medical Translation

Interpreting technical information is an arduous challenge. Technical translation services have a hard time conveying accurate and error-free medical information. The reason being mistakes cannot be afforded, as it might jeopardize a patient’s life. You would never want to miscommunicate any information pertaining to a patient’s medical history. This may also lead to a lot of legal issues, as well.  

Utilizing Supercomputers 

Medical interpreters can utilize supercomputers, also known as Watson. These computers assist doctors to make finer diagnoses and endorsed treatments. And that too in multiple languages.

So it doesn’t matter where the doctor is from, the language database will allow him to read data in the language of preference.

Considering the fact that not everybody speaks the English language, and especially if it’s technical English, supercomputers like Watson have really bridged the language gaps.

And have offered a helping hand to the entire human race. 

Tracking Patient’s History 

A patient’s entire medical history will be presented in front of the doctor. This will enable him to keep track of what he has done. And what will be done to him?

Moreover, the computer will inform doctors on the latest medical research being done by some of the leading medical research institutions.  

Assisting Doctors to Communicate with their Patients. 

Omni fluent Health

SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation) is an organization that has taken the initiative to create a translation program by the name of Omnifluent Health.

This program is basically for any doctor or professional who belongs to the field of medicine and healthcare. 

Speaking Into The System

One of the most prominent features of the mobile application is that it allows the professionals to speak into the system – asking, for instance,

if the person is sensitive to antibiotics – and the message gets translated immediately into the language of choice. 

The language portfolio may not be diverse considering the fact that there are over 6000 languages in the world. However, widely spoken languages such as Spanish and Mandarin are definitely embedded into the software. 

A Godsend For Doctors 

Considering the statistics that there are over 49 million Americans who do not speak the English language that well, the application could be a godsend for doctors who do not have to consult Medical translation services or freelance medical translators to talk to their patients. 

Connecting Doctors with other Doctors


Could medical translations assist doctors to work better with each other so that they could help their patients more effectively?

This is the exact notion that led to the concoction of Doximity, a network specifically for physicians and medical professionals all around the world.

Via Doximity, physicians around the world can get together and work out different case studies.

If you are not familiar with how doctors are able to cure diseases and discover new treatments, then you would be surprised to hear that almost every doctor, regardless of his geographical location, discusses new case studies of his patients with his fellow colleagues. Two minds are better than one, right?

Now imagine, if this network of doctors was not restricted to just one region. But the entire medical world community could chip in to give their analysis. How many diseases could be effectively cured? 

Translating Group Discussions

Now, the good news is that the application automatically translates the discussion or group chat into the desired language preference of the professional.

Hence, he does not need to waste time trying to understand what is being said. And just simply focus on the situation at hand. 

Moreover, the application has received a lot of funding from some of the leading medical associations in the world. 

Connecting Doctors and Patients 

Misinterpretation Cannot Be Afforded 

Translation services always try to mediate communication between two or more parties. Life sciences translation services or technical translation services try their best to enable a smooth and effective communication activity so that misinterpretation does not take place.

Similarly, in the conversation between a doctor and a patient, the content has to be very accurate and precise. And especially when the medium of language is not common between the two parties.

You would not want to be the one responsible for a patient’s death, trust us, there is nothing worse than that. 


Sherpaa is an origination based out of New York City that offers patients, all around the world, medical discussion with doctors globally and regionally as well.

This gives them to consult their issues, in the languages of their choice, without ever having to leave the comfort of their residence. 


The global world has seen exponential growth in the number of medical translation agencies. And other technological applications and gadgets that are in a constant endeavor to enable people to commit to a healthy lifestyle, regardless of their geographical location. 

There is no denying the fact that technology is providing the health care industry an essential reform. From medical translation systems to tools and applications that assist patients all around the world to get the best possible help from the best resources. 


Halen Terry is a creative writer and a professional linguist with expertise in using advanced translation management systems. She has been working in the localization industry for more than 6 years now. She creates informational content every day with the aim to serve the community and aspire translators to grow professionally.

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