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5 Advantages of Aluminium Security Screens

Windows could be considered the most vulnerable point of entry into your home, especially when you’ve got nothing additional there to protect their bare glass panes. If a burglar really wanted to get into your home, it would be no difficult feat to achieve for anyone who had the right tools on hand and a high amount of dedication. Paired with a strong amount of force, a thief could smash through your unsecured windows and take advantage of a vacant home whilst you were away at work or even on holiday. The moral of the story is, naked windows aren’t enough to ensure the level of security that your home needs.

Now, not everyone has all the money in the world to spend on home security products, and luckily, you don’t have to. Aluminium security screens are a cheap, simple yet highly effective way to provide your windows with the perfect level of protection. Moreover, they guarantee to come with a variety of additional advantages as well:

Tried and Tested Strength

One of greatest advantages of opting for aluminium security screens is the enhanced level of security they are able to offer for your home. Aluminium security screens are built to adhere to strict Australian Standards AS5039-2008 for security doors and screens, which requires the screens to pass a number of strength tests in order to be deemed fit for use as a security product. These tests simulate common forced entry attempts, including knife attacks, lever attacks, forceful impacts, and more. Of course, with these screens installed over your bare and vulnerable windows, you can expect them to hold up well against a variety of burglar attacks experienced over the years. Needless to say, you and your family members will also be able to enjoy greater peace of mind.


Since aluminium is a corrosion-resistant material, it’s also ideal for application in a range of harsh environments, including those by the coast or those situated in highly industrialised areas. Built specifically to withstand against the Australian elements and weather conditions, you can expect aluminium security screens to hold up well on your property for many more years into the future. Undeniably, they prove as a highly worthwhile investment that you can expect to deliver multiple benefits for an extended period of time.


Installing aluminium security screens will also allow you to leave all the windows in your home open without having to compromise on neither security not pest control. Of course, this is especially vital during the summer, when we want to enjoy the cool, fresh breeze without having swarms of pesky flies and mosquitoes entering in along with it. Keep in mind that whilst most pests are generally an annoyance at best, they also have the capacity to spread dangerous diseases or cause illnesses in humans. For example, flies can land on left out food, contaminating it and causing sickness to those who ingest in later on without knowing. In addition to this, mosquitoes can leave bites but also spread viruses such as Ross River virus, Murray River encephalitis, malaria and more.

Effective Deterrent

Another great thing about getting the best aluminium security screens in Perth is the fact that their very appearance can sometimes be enough to deter burglars altogether. Just put yourself in the shoes of a burglar- you’d probably want to target homes that look as easy as possible to infiltrate, right? In this way, you’d be able to avoid bringing unnecessary attention to your actions. Moreover, you’d be able to get in and out of a home much quicker, and consequently reduce the risks of getting caught in the act.

Aesthetic Appeal

If you think that having ‘security’ in their name means that security screens are going to look dull, serious and probably a little over the top, then you’ve got the wrong idea. In fact, aluminium security screens are available in a range of different colours, styles and finishes, so no matter what specific look it is that you want for your home, you should be able to achieve it with the vast amount of options available to you. You can expect aluminium security screens to add value and style to your home, whilst also increasing it’s level of protection.





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