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5 Backwater destinations unexplored in Kerala

Located on the enchanting lake of Vembanad, Vaikom is one of Kerala’s oldest towns and boasts many majestic tourism spots currently uncontaminated with modernity. It has an extensive network of rivers and canals that fuse into the wide area of Lake Vembanad. Vaikom is one of the lesser-known destinations to enjoy stunning Kerala waters and also to be called a launchpad in the backwaters of Kerala. The Vaikom backwaters houseboat ride is a popular tourist experience. You will watch birds, cook, fish, and enjoy the rural village life on a Vaikom cruise.


Vaikom Backwaters

The houseboat cruise is beautiful, peaceful, and less touristy along the narrow canals. Tour of Vaikom Boat Jetty & KTDC Jetty generally takes you backwater. Vaikom is also considered to be built by Parasurama for the ancient temple devoted to Lord Shiva. Shiva is one of the most famous pilgrimage sites in Kerala that has its spiritual beauty and draws many pilgrims. Kumarakom, Kottayam and Alappuzha, and Vaikom can be visited in the immediate vicinity of this tour as part of a 5 to the 6-day tour package.


Poovar Backwaters

Situated near Kovalam, the popular beach destination in Kerala, Poovar is a breathtaking island paradise. Poovar is a stunning Keralan backwater resort, with uncharted beaches, beautiful backwaters, long glowing sand, and swings of coconut palm trees, but not many people are aware of the little paradise. Poovar is situated at the mouth of the Neyyar River, in the most peaceful backwaters of Kerala, and opens into the Arab sea and a dream of golden sandy beach.


The island of Poovar is surrounded by narrow canals and the river Neyyar. When sailing through Poovar backwater, water birds such as Kingfisher, Brahminy Kite, Night Heron, Sea Egret, Black Darter, Indian Cormorant eagle, and more can easily be spotted. Beside the seas, Poovar is well-known for its gorgeous beach, an excellent place to rest. Situated just off Kovalam Beach between the Neyyar River and the Arab Coasts, Poovar Beach is very breathtaking.


Kavvayi Backwaters at Payyanur

The island cluster of River Kavvayi, Kerala is the Kavvayi Backwaters of the Payianur. This lesser-known and interesting backwater destination are the third-largest in Kerala and the largest in the district of North Kerala, extending from Kavvayi to Neeleshwar. This region consists of many tiny and big islands that enjoy the beauty of the waters on the Kerala Tour with a fascinating surrounding. The biggest of these is the island of Valiyaparamba. Four rivers drain through these backwaters.


Kavvayi has its own beauty, like Alleppey, Kollam & Kumarakom, which can make you fall in love with the place. There are no cruises available but the visitors can relax and explore the vast diversity of landscape around by taking a quiet walk along the awesome backwaters or by stepping in the country boats. A boat ride from Kotti to Kottapuram is absolutely unbelievable. There is a variety of fauna and flora in backwater and wetlands.


Thiruvallam Backwaters

Situated near Thiruvanthapuram, the Thiruvallam backwaters is the most beautiful backwater destination in Kerala. Karamana and Killi are the two rivers that converge at Thiruvallam, which contributes to the formation of these backwaters. This scenic Thiruvallam stretch of backwater is renowned for its canoe rides on the way to Kovalam. These waters are full of lush vegetation, sea birds, and picturesque beauty. The short town cruises with rural boats are great ways to explore Thiruvallam’s backwaters in Kerala.


The path through many fishing villages, where local customs and traditional practices can be noticed. In Thiruvallam there is also a temple dedicated to Parashurama, Kerala’s legendary founder. The “Veli Tourist Village,” which lies in Veli Lagoon and the Arabian Sea, is separated by a sandbar, is another popular backwater area in Thiruvallam. The park is 18acres wet and provides numerous water sports equipment including a climbing bridge.


Padanna Backwaters, Kasaragod

Situated in the district of Kasaragod, Padanna Backwaters is Kerala’s serene backwater, since it is beautifully surrounded by cocoa and palm tree trees. Leaving the tourist hub far away, Padanna provides a secluded backwater facility and is the ideal location for calm rides by boat. Five large rivers flow into the Arabian Sea later in the waters of Padana. In Padanna’s backwaters, the old rustic charm of the rural areas is evident. This is the center of Austrian agriculture which today provides revenue for thousands.


Some of the things that can be enjoyed here include visiting the houseboat, feeling the sun and sand on the Valiyaparamba Beach and the estuary or opting for rejuvenation therapy from traditional Ayurveda professionals. The sea is not ruined by the influx of visitors, and the local people offer an excellent stay experience. Bekal Fort, a manmade forest owned by nature enthusiasts, can also be visited.


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