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5 best tools used to check website usability

Tools to check website usability

Before you put any of your product on the showcase, you ensure that it passes all the product quality tests. The same is the case with website development. A proficient website development company confirms that the website passes the usability tests before it goes live. These tests help the website designers and front end & backend developers spot bugs and fix them. It improves the website performance as well as enhances the user experience. Hence, it improves leads to ratio as well. There is a variety of tools available to check website usability.
For the same reason well-trained team of Navicosoft – website Development Company ensures the website performance by testifying it against the top-rated usability tools. Hence, it delivers quality.
However, while looking for these usability tools, one must keep in mind that nothing comes 100% perfect. Every tool in the market brings its pros and cons. So, you can choose from the below list according to your needs.
1. Loop 11
Loop11 ranks on top among tools used to check website usability. The tool’s unique feature is that it allows test users to provide feedback on your website design and performance. The tool’s most notable features include the online usability test and A/B usability test for different prototypes of the website.
Pros & Cons
Loop11 offers a 14-day trial. Moreover, it attributes the clickstream analysis and heatmaps. Heatmaps help to track the clicks, scrolls, and moves to predict the usability of your website. However, it is a bit costly, starting with $69/month.
Well, with Navicosoft, you won’t have to worry about such pricey tools for website development.
2. Hotjar
Hotjar is another top-ranking website analytical tool. It fully equips you to check website usability, providing you with heatmaps, surveys, visitor recordings, and feedbacks.
Pros & Cons
Hotjar offers you a free starting plan and charges $39/month for an upgrade. It facilitates you with powerful targeting through triggers and attributes. Moreover, there is no response limit to any of the four analytics.
However, Hotjar does not offer any support for remote usability testing.
3. Lookback
Lookback offers SelfTest and LiveShare, which allows you to interview users around the globe. Hence, you can collaborate with others regarding reviews and tests. You can also use it, in-house reviewers. Moreover, SelfTest allows you to check website usability.
Pros & Cons
It is supported by desktop and all mobile devices. With this, you can get remote reviews of your website as well as from other in-house reviewers via only a link. It offers a 14-day free trial or all its plans. However, it is pricey, even more than Loop11 that is $99/month.
4. Qualaroo
Qualaroo allows you to get live insights via organic traffic. You can integrate it within your website to collect the stats about behavioral analytics, sentiment analysis, and word cloud. Furthermore, it allows you to integrate it with other data or analyses such as Optimizely. Qualaroo makes the right choice to integrate into website development services by the top-tier companies.
Pros & Cons
Like other amazing tools, it offers you a free starter plan, and the essential plan charges only $25/ month, unlike Lookback and Loop11. The common services and products can be well-integrated. Furthermore, it features powerful targeting concerning identity and geography.
However, there is no analytics support in free plans, and costs may be high for flexible billing for complex websites.
5. Userlytics
The last amazing available tool on our list to check website usability is Userytics. It is also a full package, just like Loop11. This one is my favorite tool because it offers much more than other tools. For example, it not only facilitates you with Usability Testing and Prototypes Testing but offers you a Multichannel user exp, live chat, system usability scale, and much more, making web development easier for a website development company. Moreover, you can run remote as well as live-interview tests.
Pros & Cons
It offers some amazing features, such as video annotation and transcription. Moreover, you can enjoy the perks of moderated sessions and live-conversation. It may get costly if you opt for flexible pricing.
It is too much to digest, I understand. Hence, buying the best website development services from Naviocosoft is always the best option. They provide the best digital marketing services with maximum result navicosoft.

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