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5 Chikmagalur best resorts for a relaxing holiday

If a relaxing weekend is a must-have and just enjoy nature while sipping your wine or coffee, then Chikmagalur is a place for that an unspoiled mountain resort at the foot of the hills in the Mullayangiri region. Chikmagalur is known for its peaceful environment, dense forests, sparkling lakes, bubbling river cascades, and tall mountains, and was named Karnataka Coffee Land. Whether you want to experience the enchanting charm of Western Ghats or enjoy a good time in the wild, Chikmagalur Resorts are the place to do everything. These resorts, which boast a blissful environment and modern amenities, promise travelers a lavish stay in the lush green countryside. Combining a stay with a host of activities, these resorts will certainly keep you updated in the coming days. When you are looking for a quiet and retreat, check out the following top resorts in Chikmagalur.


Gateway Resorts Chikmagalur

Gateway Resort is one of the best resorts of Chikmagalur, a rare blend of colonial architecture and contemporary quality. The Gateway Resort Chikmagalur offers modern amenities and facilities that are tailored for contemporary travelers and a new age nature experience. In addition to a conference hall, the Snooker and Pool Tables, the resort offers 10 standard rooms and 19 luxury cottages, a well-appointed spa & fitness center, and a fabulous Peaberry restaurant that serves local delectable flavors. Furthermore, the hotel offers activities for the guests, such as excursions to the hills of Mullayanagiri and coffee plantings.


Vistara County

The Vistara County Resort, situated on the serene hillside of Chikmagalur, offers a luxury stay for those who want a quiet environment that will take some time to spend with their family and friends. The resort, which is located inside a large coffee & areca plant, helps you create lifetime memories and a pleasant stay experience. Guests can even choose to go on a walk around this area. All of the rooms at the property, along with all modern amenities, have a private balcony with a magnificent view of Chikmagalur and the Mullayanagiri Hills. The resort also has an outdoor spa, an extensive indoor playground with amenities like a swimming pool, table tennis, caroms, etc. In Kurunji Cafe, the in-house multi-cuisine restaurant, you can also satisfy your hunger with various dishes.


Coffee Grove Resort

The Coffee Grove Resort is one of the most comfortable luxurious and affordable resorts in Chikmagalur. The resort offers every modern luxury to make your stay memorable and is the perfect choice for friends, families, corporate events, and holidays. A total of 20 well-tended rooms, including a dressing room, TV, sitting area, a bathroom with shower, and a/c, come with all amenities. The resort has an outdoor swimming pool, gardens and a children’s club. Coffee Grove Resort also offers a wide array of activities including planting, trekking, cycling, and candy. This is one of the favorite tourism resorts as it is located in Chickmagalur near all the tourist sites.


Trivik Hotels & Resorts

Trivik Hotels & Resorts is a coffee plantation of 38 hectares located on top of Mullayangiri Hills, in Chikmagalur. It has been considered one of Chikmagalur’s most luxurious resorts because it offers the best food and entertainment services to keep your stay memorable. The property has 25 spacious and refined rooms equipped with plumbing sofas, minibars, tea and coffee-making facilities, and other amenities. The hotel boasts an open swimming pool, beauty centre, a global restore, bar, gym, fun, and an indoor children’s play area, which are a perfect blend of luxury and leisure. Trivik also offers free plantation tours, but you are definitely the highlight of your stay, waking up to the over sunrise and having a magnificent view of the mountain.


The Serai Chikmagalur

The Serai resort is the perfect place if you are looking for the best resort in Chikmagalur, where you want to relax and relax in your private swimming pool or to enjoy a pleasant walk in the coffees. The resort has spacious, well-equipped villas plunged and classy interiors, a Jacuzzi, a private swimming pool, and large glass doors and windows, surrounded by the luxury of the environment. Located in the midst of aromatic plantations of coffee. The property has a private Oma Spa where guests can enjoy different massages and spa treatments including coffee treatments with signature treatments. The Odyssey and Blue Sky Lounge, a trendy bar serving refreshing drugs, also features a multi-cuisine restaurant. Nature enthusiasts can enjoy planting walks while adventure travelers can reach Baba Budangiri on the reception, which includes places in the Chikmagalur Tour packages and bike tours.

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