5 Common Office Cleaning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Having a clean, sanitary office is important to ensure the health and safety of yourself and your employees.

Developing a regular office cleaning routine can help you stay on top of your cleaning duties.

Read on to discover a list of five common office cleaning mistakes, and what you can do to avoid them.

1. You’re Not Cleaning Often Enough

A busy, bustling office can easily become messy and dirty rather quickly. If you’re not practicing regular office cleanings on a set schedule, then the space will become unsanitary fast.

Make sure you set up a regular office cleaning routine and schedule so that it becomes a regular habit. Enlist the help of your employees by having them wipe down their desks and chairs daily to help keep things as clean as possible. Along with this, you should also take help of professional cleaners like, to ensure you maintain the highest cleaning standards at your work place.

2. Common Office Cleaning Mistakes: Scrubbing the Carpet

If your office is carpeted, spills and stains are probably a common occurrence. Removing the stains by scrubbing your carpet can cause damage to the fibers and make them weak and uneven.

Instead of scrubbing out carpet spills and stains, gently blot them using a soft cloth or paper towels. Once the stain is blotted, spray some carpet cleaner on it to remove it completely.

3. You’re Using the Wrong Cleaning Service

You obviously don’t have the time to completely clean your office yourself. Be sure to choose professional commercial cleaning services that specialize in cleaning up busy office areas.

If you enlist the help of a residential cleaning service, they won’t be able to handle larger tasks on a bigger scale. Always choose a cleaning service that understands the many nuances of cleaning an office and commercial office cleaning space.

4. The Trash Piles Up

From discarded papers to food containers and cups, it’s easy for trash to pile up fast in an office environment. Not emptying the trash regularly can result in overwhelming piles of garbage.

Ask your employees to empty their individual trash cans daily or at least weekly at a minimum. Make sure that you have adequate capacities and large containers for trash, such as a dumpster or large bins where the trash can be put in a central location for pick up.

5. You’re Using the Wrong Cleaning Supplies

Another of the most common office cleaning mistakes is using the wrong office cleaning supplies. In this type of environment, you should use things like disinfectants to kill germs and unscented products to avoid allergic reactions.

Choose natural cleaning supplies that contain effective ingredients without irritation. Try to use products without harsh chemicals or toxins to ensure that everything is clean and safe.

A Clean Office is a Healthy Office

Keep these five common office cleaning mistakes in mind, so you know how to avoid them. With the right cleaning supplies, methods, and routine, you can ensure a healthy, clean office space for all.

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