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5 Common Tree Planting Mistakes to Avoid for Homeowners

5 Common Tree Planting Mistakes to Avoid for Homeowners

A tree is something that you and your family could enjoy for generations. In fact, a tree that is properly cared for has the potential to live indefinitely. With that said, many trees die prematurely due to not being cared for correctly.

So what are some of the big tree planting mistakes you must avoid if you want a strong and healthy tree? This article lists five errors you should try not to make.

1. The Wrong Planting Site

The site you choose to plant a tree is one of the essential elements of growing trees. If you choose the wrong spot, most types of trees will fail to grow. For example, you should not plant a tree in a location where it will always be in the shade.

2. Wrong Tree Selection

Different types of trees have different requirements, so you’ll need to pick the right one for your location and climate. You also need to make sure you select a high-quality tree.

Trees that have mechanical damage, crushed roots, or dead branches probably won’t grow well. Always carefully inspect saplings before you purchase them.

3. Digging a Hole That’s Too Small

In many places, the soil around your home may be quite compacted. If you dig a hole that’s only as big as the root ball of your sapling, your tree will struggle to grow. You’ll need to dig a fairly deep hole that goes deeper than the impacted soil.

This will give your new tree access to the perfect soil for trees and allow them to grow.

4. Planting Too Deep

Another issue with tree planting sites is when you plant your sampling too deeply. The trouble with planting a tree too deep in the soil is that it can take years for the problems to appear. In the long run, planting a tree too deep in the soil could result in the tree getting less oxygen, reduced growth, and tree death.

Always ensure when digging holes for trees that you’re planting them at the optimal depth for that particular type of tree. Visit this URL to learn more about the requirements of trees.

5. Not Watering Correctly

Finally, one of the biggest mistakes that tree owners make is improper watering. Giving your tree too much or too little water can easily kill the tree, particularly when it’s in the early stages of growth.

As a rule of thumb, you should water your tree with around five to ten gallons per caliper inch about three times a week. This can vary based on the type of tree, the type of soil, and the climate you live in. Always do your research about the correct watering procedure, as the amount of water a tree needs isn’t always intuitive.

Avoid These Tree Planting Mistakes

If you avoid these tree planting mistakes, you could plant a tree today that will last for generations. The key is to research your tree’s needs and not rely on assumptions.

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