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5 Conference Room Name Ideas and Why They’re Important

5 Conference Room Name Ideas and Why They’re Important

How many meetings have you attended this week? Were you aware that there are around 55 million meetings every week in the US? That’s a lot of collaboration!

Where does your company hold meetings? Chances are good that your meetings are held in a conference room. These are easy spaces for a large group to gather to discuss the issues at hand.

Do your conference rooms have names or do they just have numbers? It can be tricky to come up with conference room name ideas. Sometimes it’s easiest just to go with Conference Room 1, Conference Room 2, and so on.

However, naming your conference rooms can have some unexpected benefits. Keep reading to find out how a good conference room name can enhance your company.

1. Your Brand Voice

When thinking about conference room names, it’s important to think about how you can reflect your brand voice.

Do you want to project professionalism? Keep the names you choose simple. You can go with colors or metals, such as the Green Room or the Bronze Room.

Maybe your brand is a little more playful. You could go with names that describe the room, such as The Freezing Room or The Small Room.

If your company sells a specific product, perhaps your room names could honor that. If, for example, your company is in the clothing business, you could name your rooms after famous designers.

2. Pick a Theme

Choosing an overall theme for your conference rooms could make coming up with name ideas a smooth process.

You could go with an 80s theme, choosing iconic songs, clothes, or celebrities from that era. The Madonna Room, The Neon Room, or The Michael Jackson Room. Of course, this could work with any decade.

Naming rooms after musical artists, movies, or TV shows can add some fun to any office. The options for themes are limited only by your imagination.

3. Be Consistent and Remember the Future

Once you come up with a theme that ties in with your company, make sure all the conference room names match. If you have virtual meeting rooms, extend your theme to those.

In addition, you’ll want to make sure your theme is scalable. Have some names in reserve for when your business expands.

4. Local or Global

It can be fun to name-check local hot spots with your conference room names. Perhaps there are attractions or landmarks whose names you can borrow. This can be a great way to advertise your community to your out-of-town clients.

Perhaps your business is global. You could name your rooms for all the places you do business. The London Room, The Madrid Room, or The Sydney Room—these names can be a celebration of your company’s reach.

5. Involve Your Team

Don’t forget to include your employees when choosing conference room names. You never know where the best name will come from.

You could hold a contest to come up with the best theme or room names. After a brainstorming session, have a vote. Involving the entire team can boost morale and employee buy-in.

Time to Get Creative With These Conference Room Name Ideas

Still stumped for conference room name ideas? No worries. There are also online generators that can help get the creative juices flowing.

Whether you’re holding your meetings in person or online, unique conference room names can set your business apart. Start writing down your ideas today.

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