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Health and Medical

5 Different Types of Therapist Careers to Explore

Did you know that there are over 94,000 behavioral therapist businesses in America? But that’s just one of many therapist careers to choose from in the vast field.

Are you interested in taking therapist courses but aren’t sure which path is right for you? There are a lot of therapist jobs to choose from but the options can be overwhelming.

The following guide will cover five different types of therapist careers to explore. Read on and discover which of these therapy paths interest you.

1. Behavioral Therapist

A behavioral therapist works with clients to overcome challenges caused by mental disorders. These therapists treat adults and children experiencing anxiety, phobias, addictions, and different disorders.

For example, behavioral therapists often work with clients that struggle with ADHD. They create coping strategies to improve their everyday life. Other examples include eating disorders, Bipolar disorder, and autism disorders.

A cognitive-behavioral therapist uses both behavioral and psychotherapeutic techniques. It covers psychological problems such as substance abuse and depression.

2. Respiratory Therapist

A respiratory therapist focuses solely on treating clients with pulmonary conditions. They conduct breathing exams, exercise regimens, and pulmonary progress tracking. The therapists work at clinics and visit homes.

The therapist also uses inhalation therapies to give medication to a client’s lungs. They maintain ventilation systems, document vital signs, bloodwork, and blood gases. Sometimes they help with CPR and airway management.

They often help clients with tracheostomy tubes. The tubes allow them to breathe through their nose or mouth. They also manage clients that rely on ventilators. Learn more about respiratory therapy and its requirements.

3. Exercise Therapist

Exercise therapists check a client’s medical history and develop a fitness plan. The plans help clients recover from chronic diseases and injuries.

The goal is to improve the client’s cardiovascular function, body, and flexibility. Exercise therapy often pairs fitness with traditional medicine.

4. Nutritional Therapist

Nutritional therapists focus on nutritional and biochemical imbalances in the client’s body. The imbalances often lead to poor health and affect the client’s daily life.

They develop a personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan to maintain their client’s health. Plans include avoiding specific toxins and allergens, detoxing, and using high-dose vitamins.

Nutritional therapy treats clients’ general health and also chronic conditions. Clients usually see a nutritional therapist along with other healthcare professionals.

5. Addiction Therapist

These therapists have unique training to help clients beat substance abuse issues. They might help their clients deal with issues from their past that led to addiction.

Addiction therapists work individually with clients and some work in group settings. Group settings help clients share their individual experiences while supporting each other.

Choosing Therapist Careers

Now you know five different types of therapist careers. Although, that’s just scratching the surface of the therapy field. Find topics that interest you and decide which clients you’re passionate about helping.

We hope our guide has helped spark ideas to get you started on becoming a therapist. Check out the rest of our blog for more fascinating health tips and information.

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