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5 Duties Every Citizen Is Obligated To Uphold

5 Duties Every Citizen Is Obligated To Uphold

Are you trying to figure out your duties as a citizen?

As an American, you have a lot of duties as a citizen. Perhaps you want to join a cause or support your local government. Or maybe you’re considering running for office.

Knowing how to fulfill your civic duties is always a wise idea. If you want to learn more about your duties as a citizen, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we will go into the most common citizen duties.

Keep reading to learn everything about your citizen duties.

1. Voting

As a citizen of the United States, you must uphold the principles of democracy by voting. By voting, you are exercising your right to have a say in the decisions made about the country and its laws.

When you don’t vote, you give up your voice and power. Voting is one of the most essential duties of a citizen, and it is your responsibility to make sure your voice is also heard.

As a citizen, it is also your duty to uphold the voting process in a referendum. For more information about the referendum definition, you may check here to learn more.

2. Obey the Law

As citizens, we must uphold the law. This means obeying the law, and not engaging in criminal activity. We are also obligated to report any criminal activity that we witness.

Not only is this our civic duty, but it is also in our best interest to keep our community safe. We should also work to reform the law when we believe it is unjust. We can do this by working with our elected officials to bring about change.

3. Respect the Rights of Others

As naturalized citizens of any country, we must uphold the rights of others. This means respecting their beliefs, culture, and way of life. It also means protecting their rights when they are threatened or violated.

4. Paying Taxes

One of our obligations as a citizen is to pay taxes. Taxes are used to fund public services and programs that benefit the citizens of the country. Without taxes, these services would not be possible.

5. Serving Juries

As a person who has U.S. citizenship, you have many duties. One of the most important is serving on a jury when you are called. This is a vital part of the U.S. constitution and helps ensure everyone gets a fair trial.

If you are also selected to serve on a jury, you will be specifically instructed on what you need to do. It is vital that you follow these instructions and that you treat all the evidence and testimony.

Keep In Mind These Citizen Duties

In conclusion, every citizen must uphold the law. This includes obeying the law, paying taxes, and serving on juries when called upon. Furthermore, citizen duties are to vote, take part in the political process, and respect the rights of others.

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