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5 Easy to Use Collaboration Tools for Remote Teams

5 Easy to Use Collaboration Tools for Remote Teams

More than 4 million people today spend at least half of their workweeks telecommuting. Remote working is here to stay, so it’s important that you invest in some tools that increase your team’s ability to collaborate.

You won’t miss a beat as long as you remain up-to-date with the tools that can help everyone stay on the same page even if you’re in different time zones.

Here are five collaboration tools for remote teams that you should know about.

1. Slack

Slack is essential for your remote teams. It’s a combination of direct messaging, chat, and other collaborative features that can get you and your team through any workweek.

Here are some key features that you’ll appreciate with the Slack platform:

  • The ability to create segmented channels for different team members
  • You can use the chat file send feature to post anything from mood boards to video files
  • It allows you to integrate a variety of third-party apps
  • The search feature is comprehensive and easy to use
  • The workflow builder feature provides automation to your virtual workplace

Putting this mixture of online collaboration tools to use will help you stay on track no matter what kind of work you specialize in.

2. Skype

There’s no substitute for seeing someone’s face when you communicate with them. Skype allows you to video chat, send direct messages, and send files all in one platform.

It allows you to record your calls so that anyone who missed the meeting can check it later. The mobile app also seamlessly integrates with the desktop version.

3. Zoom

During the pandemic, Zoom emerged as one of the best collaboration tools in the world.

It’s become the standard-bearer for companies wanting HD quality video and crisp sound for meetings and calls. The platform can also host a large number of video callers, and has secure end-to-end encryption to help with your cybersecurity needs.

4. Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most useful types of collaboration tools available. It’s a storage platform that lets you share files of all types, leave notes, and make edits.

You can create a variety of file folders and put access controls to use as well. Everything is cloud-based, so you never have to worry about how much space you’re using.

5. ClickUp

ClickUp is a collaboration software that lets you plan and schedule tasks, work off a content calendar, and keep your team on the same page. Companies use this platform to assign private teams and to pass assignments down the assembly line effortlessly.

It allows you to chat, manage deadlines, sign contracts, and create invoices all on the same platform.

Invest in Collaboration Tools for Remote Teams

The points above will help you out when you’re looking to invest in collaboration tools for remote teams. Begin with these five collaboration tools and you will keep projects moving along as you work with people you may have never even met in person.

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