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5 ecommerce trends for this 2020

In a little over a month we are saying goodbye to this 2019. And as every year we start with trends and news to keep in mind with an eye on next year. In this post we will focus mainly on ecommerce, so if you have an online store do not end the day without knowing what you should be planning to implement on your website.

Some ecommerce trends for this coming year 2020 that must already be taken into account

Like everything in this sector we do not stop and we continue to evolve. We continue to continuously analyze everything related to electronic commerce and how it ultimately impacts retail or vice versa, as well as how you can take advantage of the new channels that are born for it.

We do not take our eyes off retail. We unify trade.

According to the latest PWC1 study, the percentage of Spanish consumers who make purchases in physical establishments at least once a week grows. We continue to buy in physical stores while e-commerce continues to boom. Everything is connected.

The online and physical world will be the union that makes strength. By studies provided by Google itself in Think with Google they say that, of every 5 purchases, 1 has carried out an offline search process, and conversely, 1 of every 3 purchases in a physical store is preceded by queries in the online world.

Buy vs. Experience of seeing products, the great ecommerce trend

Every online store has a basic principle: close purchases. But every purchase starts with a different will: to investigate. When we are on Amazon we not only want to buy, we want to compare.

Consumers are changing behavior and little by little online stores are facing it. The online stores are no longer just places online to purchase a product but increases the importance of experience of the user in it. We no longer buy online, we go online shopping. A similar concept but with different nuances. And this will be what marks the great change in ecommerce strategy. Consumers on numerous occasions are no longer looking for anything concrete, rather we are continually “bicheando” on the net to see what they offer us.

Social networks as a discovery channel

And social media is a perfect channel for the stages of discovery we mentioned. According to an analysis of Marketing Profs in 2017 it was 58% of consumers who acknowledged having discovered products through social networks. In 2019 this percentage increased to 82%.

If you do not have a strategy prepared for this next 2020 we will let you know that you are preparing it. You still have a few weeks until the end of the year.

Prepare the content of your online store for voice searches

Last year we already said that it was a trend that was here to stay. Voice searches continue to grow. Do not stay behind and start adapting your product descriptions not only to keywords, but to giving answers to the most common questions from users. Than? How? Where? How much? Do it with the same language that users use on a daily basis.

Chatbots to add value to our customer service

We recently told you about chatbots and the reasons why they do or do not implement them , and that is that they will continue to improve and will be a great source of data information for our businesses in 2020. They are increasingly perfected so they can provide attention to the right customer without interruption 24/7. They help our clients to solve possible important doubts and close the sale with a better experience.

All this leads to companies being aware of new behaviors and mechanisms that consumers use to search, find and finally buy products. It also implies greater care with the content offered and how to work with it in a much more personalized way. We are more and more visual. Use images and videos to show your products. Virtual reality, artificial intelligence, emergence of new payment methods, sustainability, … This is just a small preview of some of the ecommerce trends that are starting to sound the most. Try to implement these into your online marketing campaigns like PPC or seo services for small businesses for your ecommerce website.

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