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5 Effective Ways to Increase Circulation in Your Legs

Did you know that around 6.5 million Americans above the age of 40 have peripheral arterial disease (PAD)? PAD happens when your veins narrow, reducing blood flow to the legs and arms.

Preventing and managing PAD is essential to reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke. One of the best ways to prevent PAD is to have good circulation in your arms and legs.

Are you wondering how to increase circulation in your legs? If so, keep reading to learn more about improving blood circulation.

1. Go For a Walk

Did you know that one of the best exercises that increase circulation is walking? Going for a walk every day can increase the blood flow in your legs and throughout the rest of your body.

Walking can also increase your heart rate, which can make your heart stronger over time. As your heart gets stronger, it will be more efficient at pumping blood throughout your body.

2. Do Yoga

Another great exercise for increasing blood flow is yoga. As you move around and stretch out your muscles, you will increase your blood flow. Unlike running or jumping, yoga is a gentle workout that anyone can do.

Some of the best yoga poses for increasing circulation include downward-facing dog, triangle, and warrior. You can start small by doing basic stretching, and do longer yoga routines as your skills improve.

3. Wear Compression Socks

One of the easiest ways to improve blood circulation in your legs is by wearing compression socks. If your job requires you to sit or stand all day, compression socks can improve circulation when you can’t move around.

Because compression socks are tight, they allow your muscles to expand and contract the same way they would if you were moving. You can find compression socks in different materials, heights, and thicknesses.

4. Quit Smoking

If you smoke cigarettes, you should consider quitting to help improve the circulation in your legs. The nicotine in cigarettes can cause your blood vessels to tighten, restricting the blood flow throughout your body.

Smoking can also damage your heart, cause your feet to swell, and damage your veins. Quitting smoking can be a hard process, so seek out support if you need it.

5. Try Cupping

Another way to increase circulation in your body is to try cupping. Cupping is a type of therapy where a professional places cups on your skin to create a suction.

In addition to increasing blood flow, many people believe that cupping can reduce pain and help you relax.

The two most common types of cupping are dry and wet cupping. If you want to try cupping, this service could be a good option.

Are You Ready to Increase Circulation?

Having good circulation in your legs is important to prevent peripheral arterial disease, improve heart health, and reduce the odds of having a stroke. If you want to increase circulation, try making these lifestyle changes.

Was this article on how to improve circulation helpful? If so, check out the health category to learn more about exercises and foods that improve blood circulation.

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