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5 Essential ATV Driving Tips for Beginners

5 Essential ATV Driving Tips for Beginners

When there are approximately 135,000 ATV injuries reported each year, you should know how to properly drive one before getting behind the wheel.

Luckily, when you play it safe and follow the rules ATVs can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors in a whole new way.

So, before you start your ATV driving journey read these 5 essential tips.

1. Use Protective Gear

Whether you have an ATV rental or you own one you want to add on safety equipment to your body. Having protective gear on will reduce the chances of serious injury if you do have an accidence.

Some of the most important pieces of ATV gear include a helmet, boots, gloves, and riding pants. You also should not wear loose clothing to avoid them getting caught on the wheels. Attire should be comfortable and weather appropriate as well.

2. Don’t Ride on Official Roads

If you ask the question: What is an ATV? the first answer should be that it is not a car. An ATV stands for all-terrain vehicle, however, it does not belong on terrains that include cars and trucks. This means that ATVs belong on off-roads and dirt roads that provide ample space for your to drive.

Never drive on paved roads even if they are empty. A car may not be able to see you as they go faster than most ATVs.

3. Install Nerf Bars and Heel Guides

When you first learn how to drive an ATV you should focus on your footing. An ATVs for beginners guide usually suggests using nerf bars and heel guides to help keep your feet secure.

These tools also make it easier to drive by helping you reach the clutch to switch gears. Heel guides assist with mounting and exiting the vehicle as you push up on your feet.

4. Avoid Dangerous Tricks

One of the most important ATV driving tips is to never attempt any dangerous tricks. Doing wheelies or doughnuts can cause your vehicle to flip or slide.

When you first start riding an ATV go slow to learn the mechanics of the vehicle. Understand when to use the breaks and how to shift gears. Going too fast too soon or around turns is also dangerous.

5. Find the Right ATV

There are several types of ATVs, ranging in model and size. Be sure to use a child size for smaller individuals or children. However, even adult-size ATVs should be sized appropriately.

Take one for a test drive or at least sit on it to feel the length of the handlebars and if your feet reach the pegs. The power should also match your strength and experience.

ATV Driving Should Be Safe and Fun

To ensure that your ride is safe and fun you should follow these ATV driving tips whether you are a beginner or not. These guidelines will also make sure that you do not break your vehicle, which will keep it working for years to come.

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