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5 Essential Reasons To Obtain An ITIL Certification

What do Boeing, Caterpillar, Microsoft and IBM have in common? They are all global companies with a large number of employees and excellent service. Have you ever wondered how they all do it so regularly? It is not a common question that crosses our minds, but an important one. One of the main reasons these companies are what they are is their exceptional ability to leverage the benefits of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library ( ITIL ) framework.

ITIL is essentially a set of IT service management practices that help align IT with business goals. Simply put, this means that is making IT a vehicle for achieving your business goals. Naturally, something as important as this requires the skill of a professional who knows their way about it. This is one of the main reasons companies seek ITIL certified professionals.

An ITIL certification means that you know everything about using the ITIL framework for the benefit of the company with which you are associated. The ITIL certification exam is quite difficult and not easy to read. A great training program like the one we offer at Logitrain can help you do this. Once you achieve certification of this magnitude, the industry knows your capabilities as a computer enthusiast. These people are always in demand as long as there is IT in this world. Apart from this fundamental reason in favor of an ITIL certification, there are others, like the following: –

Better skills

As with any good quality certification, an ITIL certification improves your skills. You gain better skills in using IT as a support tool in times of extreme change. The computer world is the fast that is changing today. Certification helps you stay relevant in these times of change, as organizations need professionals who can create a stable IT environment that can withstand change. The detailed knowledge gained in an ITIL certification helps you be a trusted resource who can maximize the value of technological changes and strategies.

Better pay

A survey conducted by payscale places ITIL-certified professionals in the highest paying bracket in the United States. The salary ranges from $ 80,000 to $ 130,000 per year depending on the level of certification you have. This is certainly an ambitious salary scale and a big motivator to get certified.


Better communication

ITSM services have common jargon that is native to all certified professionals in this field. Just as two people who know the same language can communicate better, certified architects can communicate better. The value of clear communication that is understood as intended is essential in the implementation of IT services. Translated into dollars, any breach of clear communication will result in thousands of dollars spent realigning IT departments.

Best service

Business today is heavily influenced by what its customers think today. ITIL frameworks help organizations run better and provide better customer service. As an ITIL certified architect, you are an integral part of this customer satisfaction. The seemingly IT department you activate has a direct impact on how a customer perceives your organization. This is the reason why organizations ardently seek qualified and well-trained ITIL Certified Architects.

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Best Global Footprint

On an individual level, an ITIL certification will help you improve your global footprint. You will be relevant to many organizations beyond your country. You have a whole new set of global opportunities; more than 10,000 companies use ITIL frameworks to their advantage. This number is only increasing. This means that your chances of employment are high and not limited by any type, organization or location.

An ITIL certification will help you broaden the horizon of your IT career. It is important to take this trip on a high note. Hence the need to choose a training partner who can guide you well. There is no shortage of free online materials for self-study for ITIL certification. But that doesn’t match the expertise of a coach who has been around for a long time. It draws on the practical knowledge of experts who have their hands dirty with actual ITIL implementations. This is one of the main reasons we can boast of having more than 10,000 ITIL certified professionals. Register now and make your dream of being a qualified and fully certified professional come true.

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