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5 Gift Boxes to Grab This Holiday Season!

gift boxes

The holiday season is around, and as much the fun is due the stress is filling up to the top, there is a chance that you must explode.

What to get for bob?

Would Emma like that sweater?

How would I pack this lamp for Julie, it does not even fit in a wrapping paper?

To name a few from the pile of your questions like these, it is the most stressed time of the year because no matter how much you have planned or have made lists and decided what to get to whom, every idea disappears from your head like it never was there.

Well, to be really honest the more irritating, time-consuming, and frustrating task is to find the right gift packaging because appearance matters, and no matter what others say, this book is judged by its cover. No matter if you are a company choosing gift boxes for your audience or someone planning a Christmas dinner and selecting presents for your friends and family, packaging plays a vital role in building your image.

Make your special occasions more special with custom printed holiday boxes that are curated especially to fulfill your packaging needs this year.

Here are some amazingly unique and most captivating present boxes that will leave your audience speechless.

Customization is the game of colors, designs, and shapes. To get the most creative and mesmerizing packaging nothing more than the right material combined with perfect sizes and correct shapes that feels like the core of the packaging. Customization gives companies the freedom to go beyond the imagination and creativity that speaks for the brand and the product.

  1. Box or a Bag…?

gift box

Die-cutting techniques offer the customer all the odd and unbelievable shapes that give containment to all types of products.

Paper packaging combined with die-cutting techniques give unique shapes like how about a cardboard or Kraft paper box that folds into a gift box and unfolding makes it a gift bag.

  1. Tube Packaging with Side Opening 

tube packaging

There is nothing that can beat the uniqueness of custom packaging when it comes to style and functionality.

Tube packaging is the most versatile, durable, and functional packaging that instantly grabs customers’ attention.

Tube boxes are the trendiest this season because of their structure that offers very convenient closure along with loading and unloading of the products. To create distinction among competitors you can do your changes that speak for your brand in an exclusive manner. Tube packaging can be customized in terms of shapes. You can always go for side closures instead of top lids to give a special touch.

  1. Exploding Boxes

Exploding Boxes

These boxes are the most captivating and fun when it comes to boxing and unboxing. They are made in a way that when a lid is placed off of the box it expands and opens up to another box or even side extensions that have other small compartments.

Adorning these boxes in colors and prints that represent you more vividly is the best way to spend your holidays.

  1. Compartment Boxes 

Compartment Boxes

What pleasant and mesmerizing these boxes are!

Compartment boxes, as the name implies, have different parts or box inserts inside that offer the most presentable packaging to the products. These boxes provide better and organized containment. You can mix and match with the presents and custom messages, cards, or other things that matter the most.

  1. Cut out Rigid Box  

Cut out Rigid Box  

No matter how many shapes and styles come and go, cut-out rigid boxes never go out of fashion. These boxes offer the most luxurious and durable packaging that depicts class.

These boxes are made up of corrugated cardboard or you can say whiteboard and comes in different shapes such as;

  • Magnetic closure
  • Flip open cases
  • Sleeve encasements

You can always add your special touch to the packaging with window cut-outs that make your packaging more presentable and attractive.

These were few to name but there is no restriction and limitation that could stop you in creating the masterpiece that speaks for you in your absence.

Every luxury does not cost a fortune. You can get your custom holiday Gift boxes in wholesale that offer the cheapest rates. Any other alternative packaging that is available in the market. Custom holiday gift packaging the USA is all about sustainability that increases the worth of the brand by contributing to the betterment of the environment.

Be creative and imaginative with your packaging!

Micheal Jordan

My name is Micheal Jordan. I am living in Franklin Park US. I have completed my degree in Marketing from Boston University. I have 4 years of experience in different multinational organizations. Currently, I am working in The PakBoxes as a Digital Marketing Expert. The PakBoxes is a One-stop shop for Custom Printed Boxes and Custom Boxes Packaging Wholesale that fits your budget. Order comfortably with No set-up and die-cut charges.

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