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5 Helpful Ways to Save Money on Prescriptions

Many people around the world struggle to afford their healthcare needs. More than 2 billion people globally don’t have access to the medications and healthcare they need.

Medical care becomes especially expensive when people need prescription medications. Most people who get prescriptions need them on a recurring basis, causing the bills to pile up. But medication becomes a lot more accessible when you learn how to save money on prescriptions.

Below, we’ll get into 5 different ways to start saving on prescriptions. Keep reading to learn more and begin looking after your health in a more affordable manner!

1. Use a Generic Medication

Like other products, medications come in both generic and name-brand varieties. When your doctor prescribes you a medication, they may put in an order for a name-brand medicine.

These usually cost more than their generic counterparts. So, you should always ask your doctor to give you the generic version of the medication. The generic medications often bring about the same effects as the name-brand versions.

2. Get a Pharmacy Card

If you go to the pharmacy often, you might save money on prescriptions with a pharmacy card.

Pharmacy cards usually work by offering you discounts on your medication. They can save you up to 80% on your prescription pills. To get one, find a few different companies that offer them. Compare the savings available with each different type of card. Look up reviews to see what others think of the company and its services.

Once you’ve decided, you should receive your card in the mail. You can then present it at your pharmacy and start saving money.

Sometimes, you can even use the card in conjunction with your insurance.

3. Look for Coupons

Sometimes, pharmacies offer coupons for certain medications. If you are in need of a refill, do a quick, online search to see if there are any coupons available for your prescription.

Then, print it out and show it to your pharmacy.

4. Research Prices at Different Pharmacies

Sometimes, pharmacies charge different amounts for the same type of medicine.

So, a medication that’s free at Wal-Mart might cost you more at another location, or vice versa. So, if you find out you need medication, you should do your research. Ask your doctor to send the prescription to the least expensive pharmacy.

5. Ask About Different Medications

If you don’t want to pay as much for your medications, you should ask your doctor about your alternative options. In some cases, there’s more than one way to treat a condition or illness.

Your doctor will have knowledge of all the available treatments and might point you to cheaper options.

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Ready to Save Money on Prescriptions?

If you want to save money on prescriptions, you should always be on the lookout for new deals and offers.

Sometimes, pharmacies will offer discounts or coupons for a certain period of time. So, if you haven’t checked for savings in a while, you should do so before buying medications!

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