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5 Important Questions to Ask a Temp Agency before Hiring Them

While all industries need qualified HR professionals and hiring agencies to fulfill their recruiting endeavors, the need for exceptional staffing agencies is most prominent in sectors that need bulk recruitment on a contractual basis. Filing temporary positions has a unique set of challenges that no other form of hiring has. So, choosing the right temp agency to help you in the process is a lifesaver in such situations.

If you work in such a segment, this article will be a blessing for you while selecting the right temp agency for your recruitment needs. Read on to find out what are the most critical questions you must ask a temporary recruitment agency

5 Question-Checklist for Engaging the Right Temp Agency

#1 Do they have Experienced Recruiters in their Team?

Obviously, the first question that should come to your mind is how much experience the temp agency has in this work line. While it is completely ok to try out new but promising agencies, when it comes to faster and more reliable results, experienced players always have the upper hand, mainly because they have better connections in the industry.

#2 Do they Use the Latest HR Technology to Match Profiles?

The biggest myth in temporary recruitment is that quantity takes over quality. This can’t be any farther from reality. You should steer clear from any temp agency that simply wants to fill a position with a warm body! Check if the agency uses the latest HR tech and tools to do intelligent profile matching and increased process efficiency.

#3. Are they Flexible and Competent in Recruiting for Different Job Roles?

One of the main reasons for anyone to turn to temp agencies is flexibility in hiring for different job roles. So, if an agency uses a one-fits-all kind of approach, it fails the very purpose of hiring them. While specialization is always a great advantage, a good hiring agency should also cater to various profiles in the same or completely different industries.

#4 Do they Offer Placements in Multiple Locations?

Location can be a tricky affair for many temp agencies. While it may seem irrelevant initially, in the long run, it is immensely helpful if your choice of agency can provide service in multiple locations as well.

#5 What is their Success Rate in a Similar Industry?

Last but not least, always look at client testimonials and feedback, particularly from your industry, to understand the agency’s track record with hiring for similar profiles.

Summing Up

Many factors lead to a company’s overall growth and long-term success. A skilled, dedicated, and happy human capital is one of the most prominent ones. To make it easy for you to find the right kind of people to join your team, it is crucial to work with the right temp agency. Here’s hoping these five questions will help you find your company’s perfect match the next time you are looking for temp staffing agencies.

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