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5 Important Things That You Should Look For While Applying for Global Future ready merit scholarship

Global Future Ready Merit Scholarship

The Global Future Ready Merit Scholarship, or GFRM, is an acclaimed scholarship provided by the Global Indian International School (GIIS). It is offered to students based on their academic excellence within their own residing countries.

The objective of offering the Global Future Ready Merit Scholarship is to provide a gateway for a better learning experience, preparing them as global citizens, and creating a platform for students to have easy access to worldwide recognized universities and undergraduate programs.

A limited number of students can avail of this scholarship every year. Applications are open to existing as well as new students.

To apply for the Global Future Ready Merit Scholarship, students need to meet the criteria laid down for the scholarship.

Here are 5 important things that you need to understand before applying for the scholarship:

Eligibility Criteria

The Global Future Ready scholarship is applicable to students from 7th to 12th standards. The scholarship is valid for two years and is divided into A, B, C, and D categories. Students of any curriculum are it ICSE, CBSE, State Board, etc can apply. The eligibility criteria are 91% and above.

Documents to be submitted

Before filling out the application, look into the necessary documentation required like a marks card, personal certificates. Make a list of all these and keep them ready. Without the required documentation, the application forms are not accepted.

Who can apply?

Students and parents need to be mandatorily the residents of UAE. They either need to have a UAE Visa or an Emirates ID (EID) to be eligible to apply for a scholarship.

Students also need to furnish their two-year report card and other academic details.

Follow the procedure in an orderly way

Once you are eligible and ready with your documents, start filling out the form carefully. Follow the terms and conditions properly and fill in all the details and attach the documents. Keep a track of the final submission date and follow up on it by keeping the application ready.

Proofread the application

Once the application is good to be submitted do a final recheck to eliminate errors and to see if the application is all set to be submitted. Check for the criteria and apply based on the category you fit into.

Once the documents are ready to be submitted, the parent of the student needs to submit them along with the required documents. Then the selection process for the scholarship starts. Applications are assessed and based on the requirements are judged and selected. Selected candidates undergo the interview process and will be duly notified once the final selection is done.

This scholarship is a great opportunity for students to be more confident in choosing their career paths and helps students to perform better academically to be eligible for this unique scholarship.

Global Indian International School aims to provide holistic development for its students in terms of talent, learning, creativity, sports, values and global exposure to education.  Along with various other scholarships, GFRM offers a unique platform to students in academic excellence. 

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