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5 Important Tips for Staying Sober

5 Important Tips for Staying Sober

Almost 15 million Americans struggle with an alcohol abuse disorder. Even more choose to stay sober for other reasons. No matter your reasons for doing so, getting sober is a difficult task,

But, it’s one thing to figure out how to get sober and another to stay that way.

So, how do you continue living a sober life? Check out these tips for staying sober.

1. Lean On Your Community

Sobriety is a personal journey, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Your friends and family are resources to rely on when you’re struggling to stay on track.

You can also use other people in the recovery community to your advantage. You can speak to your sponsor, or head to a meeting.

2. Find Your Triggers

Most people with substance abuse disorders can identify specific triggers that will make them want to relapse. Everyone has different triggers, so you’ll have to reflect on yourself to find out what yours are.

Some people find stress to be a trigger that makes them want to drink, for example. Or, certain people in your life might be a trigger.

If you’re having trouble, talking to a counselor or therapist might shed some light on your triggers.

3. Don’t Beat Yourself Up

When you do backslide, you should do your best not to get too down on yourself. Making yourself feel bad will only make the situation worse – forgive yourself instead, and keep trying.

One slip-up shouldn’t be used as an excuse to give up and relapse, either. If you do slip-up, let it go and get back on track.

4. Stay On Schedule

Creating. schedule for yourself is a good way to keep yourself on track, especially early in the sobriety process. If you have places to be and things to do, you won’t have an excuse to have a drink. This will also help you avoid negative patterns that could lead to a backslide.

You may want to pick up a hobby. Or, if you think you can handle it mentally, a second job can help you earn some extra cash you can put towards your bright future.

You should also work healthy lifestyle habits into your routine. These will help improve your mental health, which will make you less likely to want to drink in the first place.

5. Remind Yourself of Your Progress

Thinking about how far you’ve come and how much work you’ve done on yourself is helpful for maintaining your sobriety. When you know you’ve achieved so much, you’ll be less likely to backslide.

Physical reminders can also be helpful for this. Consider purchasing sobriety coins to commemorate certain anniversaries.

Use These Tips for Staying Sober to Your Advantage

With these tips for staying sober, hopefully you’ll have an easier time on your path to sobriety. But, ultimately, staying sober takes perseverance and determination.

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