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5 Must-Know Things about Image Optimization

No matter at all whether you are a designer, blogger, or social media user, it’s immensely important to understand how to properly upload images to the site. It’s ideal to use PNG raster image format due to its quality image data, so turn JPEG into PNG right now with the best online JPEG to PNG converter.

It is found that images make up a huge chunk of the internet. Thus it’s best to save JPEG as PNG by using JPEG to PNG converter online and use the converted PNG that comes with better quality and doesn’t affect the speed of your site.

Well, in this post, we are deciding to share facts about image optimization that you may not be aware of, but before that, you should read about some basics!

What is Image Optimization?

Image optimization is referred to as the way in which you save and even create images for the web. The title you assign to the image, even the size and where you are going to post it are all said to be part of the image optimization process. Also, proper optimization of images will assist with your website’s load time and even the likelihood your images will appear in top-rank Google searches. When it comes to image SEO for a website, it’s crucial to use PNG image format, and if you have only JPGs, then it’s the right time to use a JPEG to PNG converter online that works efficiently to convert JPEG to PNG.

Unknown Facts about Image Optimization:

Read on!

Image Titles Are Crucial:

When it comes to uploading an image, you DO NOT want the image title to read something like that “00118675309LMNOP.” You should have to rename the image in order for search engines to recognize what exactly it is. There’s no need to leave it with the camera’s default name. Use PNG instead of JPEG’s, no doubt both are well-known raster images, but if your website images are already in JPEGs, then use an online JPEG to PNG converter that is 100% free to change JPEG to PNG. Once done, then change their titles for better outcomes.

When naming your images, it’s ideal to use descriptive names, but don’t over-complicate them. You should have to include essential keywords in your title while providing it with a name that individuals are also likely to type into a Google Search.

ALT Tags Are Immensely Important:

If you are already leaving the ALT tag blank, then it’s the right time to change that. In case you do not have an idea yet, an ALT tag is referred to as an alternative text to an image. If you ever used WordPress, you better have an idea about the Alt tag or ALT text of your blog images. We recommend using PNG images with alt tags since the tags represent what actual the image is and its PNG format provides you the quality result for the particular images. A free JPEG to PNG converter by theonlineconverter is specifically designed to convert website’s JPEG images to PNG images without affecting the quality of the resultant images. So, save JPEG as PNG right now from this mentioned open source safe converter.

Well, in the event of functionality errors, the keyword that you provided into the ALT tag will appear inside the image container, when that image cannot be displayed on a site.

Also, it is something that helps search engines like Google to understand what your image is about. Remember that Google does not at all “See” in the same sense that humans do. Thus, you have to fill in the alt tag text as if you’re going to elaborate the image to someone who cannot see.

This is another turn along with a strong image title that also ensures you about the web accessibility, which is crucial for Google and visitors utilizing screen readers.

Image File Size Does Matter:

No doubt that users don’t have enough time to wait for a site to load, if images take too long to fully appear, they will leave the site. Well, if you come with slow loading images, then there might be chances that your file sizes are too large. Ideally, it is best to utilize PNG files; you can reduce its size without affecting its quality instead of JPEG images. So, all you need to seek and hold for an online JPEG to PNG converter that quickly convert JPEG to PNG for the ease of conversions and turn JPEG to PNG quality formats.

Remember that the larger the file size, the longer it will take to load and even the more likely audiences are going to click on your site page. That’s the reason why you need to compress or shrink the image file size for the web. The best thing about an online JPEG to PNG converter is that it convert JPEG to PNG; the converted file comes with lossless compression image data.

Also, there are different online tools for compressing images:

  • Image Optim for Mac users
  • Optimizilla
  • WP Smush Pro (Word Press plugin)
  • TinyPNG

Remember That Not all photo editing software costs money:

Yes, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are indicated as the most used photo editing and optimization tools among professionals, but they are not the least ones that can do a particular job. There are plenty of tremendous tools that you can use for FREE online. Whenever you decide to convert JPEG image to PNG image format, simply get a JPEG to PNG converter online that lets you do JPEG to PNG conversions for free.

There are different photo editing tools that you could try right now:

  • Canva (they also have an iPhone app)
  • PicMonkey
  • io
  • Easil

Be careful with image text:

Certain caution is noticed when adding text to images. You should make sure that the text fits properly and won’t even get cut off or blurred when uploading to a different number of channels. Also, make sure that the font is readable and that you copy the text into the ALT tag.

However, if you are going to upload a big, fancy header image for your blog, you should consider using the design layout of your site to set the text over the image, instead of uploading an image with text that is already contained herein. When it comes to images with text, PNG image files are a great option to use. That’s the reason why designers often convert their JPEG images to PNG images by using a JPEG to PNG converter online.  Well, if you are using Visual Compressor within WordPress, you can follow the step-by-step guide to help you do such, also make a visit to theonlineconverter right now to explore certain file converters for free.

Typically, it’s better for your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) if you don’t create images with text. Instead, you have only the text on your blog or web page that displays images.

In a Nutshell:

Experts depicted that an image file is only as useful as you make it. It is referred to as a taking photo or one-of-a-kind product image, but if you use it without optimization, it leads to something close to useless. So, before uploading to your site, you should optimize your images in the right way to get stunning outcomes. Good Luck!

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