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5 Points of Choose Wholesale Kids Underwear

As a new mother, you need to be responsible for the health of your child. In terms of diet, ingredients must be strictly selected, and high-quality ingredients and milk powder contaminated by health must be used. In terms of wearing, we must also choose healthy materials and high-comfort clothes. Underwear is something that comes into direct contact with children, and its safety is self-evident. The choice of wholesale kids underwear styles should mainly choose underwear. The reason for choosing underwear is their advantages, which can enable children to spend healthy puberty.


Therefore, today we will discuss how to help children choose suitable underwear. Many children seem to be more resistant when they first wear underwear. One of the reasons is that the material of some underwear is not comfortable, and the tailoring does not take into account the growth characteristics of the child, which usually makes the child feel clumsy and unwilling to wear it. Therefore, parents must also pay attention to how to choose safe and comfortable underwear for their children. Based on our many years of experience in wholesale children’s underwear, let us share with you how to choose children’s underwear.

  1. Consider safety first

    First of all, pay attention to whether the children’s underwear you choose has passed the quality inspection of the A-level standard. According to regulations, textiles worn or used by infants and children under 36 months, such as diapers, underwear, bibs, pajamas, gloves, socks, hats, overcoats, bedding, etc., must meet Class A standards.


    The label means that the fabric used for this kind of children’s underwear is not contaminated and can be safely worn inside. Normally, this standard will be displayed in the “safety category” or “category” item on the label. Therefore, I hope parents remember to take a moment to carefully check the label or list of underwear when buying underwear.

  2. Material is important

    The child’s skin is immature, and the choice of underwear materials needs to be carefully studied. Many parents prefer pure cotton fabrics when helping their children choose underwear, because according to the traditional concept, 100% pure cotton texture is harmless to the human body, relatively soft, and few children are allergic to it. Some parents prefer Modal.


    Compared with cotton, Modal is more comfortable and softer. Its moisture absorption and air permeability are 50% higher than cotton fiber. We recommend wearing cotton underwear, which is not only soft and close-fitting, but also breathable and easy to absorb sweat. Even in the hot summer, there is no need to worry about covering up the heat rash.

  3. The model is icing on the cake

    When buying underwear for your child, it is best to choose some colors and patterns that your child likes. Parents who know their children’s preferences can directly choose underwear with their children’s favorite animated character patterns, or they can take their children to the store to choose, and then let them choose their favorite underwear. The child you choose will like it more.

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    In addition, dark underwear is easy to fade and contains a variety of dyes. White underwear may be bleached and stained by drugs, and maybe allergic to contact. Therefore, light-colored underwear is especially suitable for baby girls. Mothers can detect health problems in time by observing the secretions on their underwear. For example, when the underwear is severely yellowed and there are too many vaginal discharges, it may indicate that the child has signs of infection and should seek medical attention immediately.

  4. The size of underwear should be moderate.

    The size and tightness of the pants should be correct. This is not only conducive to exercise, but also reduces the baby’s resistance to wearing underwear. The choice of size depends on the baby’s height, short, fat and thin. In addition, there is a little trick: measure along the most upturned part of the baby’s buttocks and perform a 5 cm movement. The size of children’s underwear of some relatively standardized clothing brands is usually divided according to height, such as 80cm, 90cm and 100cm.


    If the child is obese, it is recommended to buy one. For example, children who are 80 cm tall and overweight can consider buying 90 cm underwear. Some parents have the habit of buying a size when buying clothes for their babies, which they think is more durable. But for children’s underwear, they must still fit and be more comfortable. If the underwear is too small, the child will feel restrained when wearing underwear. If the underwear is too large, the baby will not only feel foreign objects when walking, but in many cases will not be able to separate bacteria.

  5. Men and Women Have Different Styles

    Those male and female exclusive underwear designed according to the body shape. And the development of boys and girls is more suitable for children. Some parents make it difficult to choose between panties and briefs when choosing underwear. Panties are divided into triangle panties and flat-angle panties. The briefs are not easily exposed to the skin, which is good for protecting the private parts, but the underwear is relatively uncomfortable; the briefs are loose and breathable, but easy to run out, and their protective effect is relatively weak.


    The characteristics of briefs are relatively small and tight, with limited storage space for external genitalia, which is relatively suitable for girls. Boxer briefs are looser. For boys in the growing period, the comfort of boxer briefs is more suitable for them. In short, each style has its own advantages and disadvantages. The key is to be loose, breathable and suitable for babies. If the baby has no particular preferences, you can change both.

The above five points are necessary to buy our shared wholesale kids underwear.


Although underwear is small, it is also closely related to the child’s physical and mental development. Putting on the right wholesale kids underwear in the right way at the right time is of great significance to children. It is not easy work to take care of children. When parents know such details of life, the child may have taken a few steps from the starting line! Our wholesale kids underwear is made of the best materials. The material is safe and reliable. Therefore, don’t worry that our underwear will endanger the health of our children. We look forward to you visiting our website and choosing the products you like!

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