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5 Pro Tips for Nonprofit Donor Engagement in 2021

Modern technology has made donor engagement very easy, and with its help, you can reach more and more donors effectively. Technology is making it simple to donate online all across the globe. Through this, we can easily connect with people online and make relationships with them even stronger. By building relationships, you can also retain donors in the future and improve engagement in all your fundraising campaigns.

It becomes difficult for nonprofits to engage their donors, so in this post, we will give you valuable tips so that you can quickly boost donor engagement. So let’s get started.

#1 Make the donation process simple, quick, and easy

The user experience can make or break your donation campaigns, so it becomes crucial that your fundraising platform is extremely easy to use and the donation process is quick. If your users face any kind of problem while giving donations or if their user journey is difficult, then it will have a bad impact on the engagement, and most of the uses will be very unlikely to engage with your new campaigns. If you have your own donation platform, then make sure that it is clean-looking and there is not any distraction that can irritate your donors, and they might leave the platform without giving any donations. It is vital to keep your donation process streamlined and simple.

Your campaign page should load quickly and also make sure that all the links and buttons are working properly so that the donors can donate money successfully. If their overall experience is good, then the chances are high that they would like to contribute in the future as well. In case you don’t have your online platform to raise money, then it is essential to pick a trustworthy and Best Fundraising Platform available in the market.

#2 Say thank you`

Thanking the donors is essential, and it is the most basic etiquette if someone is helping you out. You can thank the donors in a variety of ways.

You can reach them by phone call to express gratitude, send a personalized email, a message on social media, or handwritten notes. Saying thank you might seem an ordinary thing, but it can help you build loyalty and trust. 

Nowadays, people send video messages to thank the donors, and it is one of the most effective ways to let them know how much you value their contribution. It is not necessary to shoot a professional video by spending a lot of money; a video shot on your phone is also enough to show your gratitude.

#3 social media

If you are not active on social media, then you are missing out on a lot of big opportunities. In today’s age, social media is one of the easiest ways to engage with people and make them aware of your fundraising mission and goals. You can utilize multiple social media platforms that are popular in the market and get more benefits by being active on them.

Interestingly, paid promotions on social media are also useful when it comes to reaching your prospects and existing audience. You can target people in particular geographic areas or reach different age groups depending on your goals and missions.

Here we are going to share some pro tips to engage donors on social media in the best way possible:

  • Make use of multimedia tools to create original, engaging, and refreshing content:

Impactful stories can go a long way, and that’s why we suggest you explore creative ways to put your story in front of your audience on social media. You should not restrict yourself from communicating your message via text only. You can create short videos along with descriptive captions or can go live on social media channels to connect with your prospects.

  • Engage with people:

Just sharing updates on social media platforms won’t work. You should be active on social media and engage with people. It is crucial to respond to the comments and build good relations with people through your social media profiles. Here’s what you can do to engage effectively:

  • Share updates on results you are getting for your charity’s work
  • Share social proof
  • Tell where the funds are used

#4 Make strategies to turn first-time donors into repeat donors 

The cost of turning a first-time donor into your loyal, repeat donor is way lesser than finding and acquiring new ones. Returning donors are well aware of your nonprofit’s fundraising mission, and that’s why the chances are high that they might be willing to support your mission repeatedly.

However, it is essential to understand that first-time donors must be educated properly about your mission and commitment to achieve the results. Here are a couple of ideas to help nurture your first-time donors:

  • Wish them on birthdays or holidays:

A text on birthday or holiday is a great way to let your donors know that you care about them.

  • Provide your donors with alternate ways to help: 

You should not ask for money all the time because there are several other ways they can help you. You can provide them with some volunteer opportunities to contribute to the organization’s events. Some people find joy in helping others through their time and effort.

  • Email newsletters or updates:

Letting your donors know about your upcoming events or providing updates on how their money is changing the lives of other people can encourage them to contribute again in the future.

#5 Be consistent:

Whether your non-profit organization sends a weekly newsletter, monthly, quarterly, or yearly, you must ensure that it is sent to the donors consistently. It is essential to create a plan and sticking to it as your loyal donors expect newsletters and updates, and if you fail to send the newsletter consistently, then donor retention can become a challenging task. 

All these donor engagement tips are not merely about getting more money from the donors. These are about retention and crafting strong relations with the donors for achieving the goals of your nonprofit organization. So, what are your favorite tips among all these? Do let us know!

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