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5 Reasons React-Native and Expo Are So Suitable For Business App Development

Five advantages of React-Native and Expo over native mobile app development

What is React-Native?

React-Native enables an app to be developed once and then deployed on both iOS and Android. While the apps are written in JavaScript, they use the device’s native functions. This means that the app looks and performs as you are used to from its platform. For this, these functions are combined with JavaScript. The apps are completely native and therefore always perform well.

React-Native was developed by Facebook and is used by significant (technology) companies such as Walmart, Instagram, Airbnb, Tesla, and UberEats. Thanks to the large community behind React-Native, the platform is further developed every day.

What is Expo?

Expo is a free, open-source tool chain around React-Native to help to Hire reactjs developer and Hire Asp.Net Developer for web Develop native iOS and Android apps. In addition to React-Native, the tool chain includes Over the Air (OTA) updates, easy build tools, and a whole host of additional APIs

  1. React-Native offers support for both iOS and Android from the outset

While the traditional development of an iOS app (Swift) and an Android app (Java) requires building two apps from scratch, React-Native allows developers to develop apps simultaneously from a single codebase for both the iOS and the Android platform.

This saves you a lot of time while developing the apps. Moreover, the apps’ maintenance becomes cheaper and more streamlined because the developers do not have to do the same work twice.

  1. Monitor the development process of your app directly with Expo tools

Usually, suppose you want to monitor the development progress of your app or have new features tested. In that case, you will have to wait for a demo presentation from the developers, a Test Flight simulation (iOS), or a fully developed Android app.

With the Expo app (for both iOS and Android), you can now track progress and test new features as you build the app.This makes it much easier to test functi++ons on multiple devices, and you can try the app wherever you want.

  1. Save valuable time when creating production builds

If you want to publish your new app in the Apple App Store and Android Play Store, you usually have to configure and generate it through Apple’s Code and Android Studio software. This process requires a lot of configuration and time from the developers.

If you choose to build the app with React-Native and Expo, the Expo tool allows developers to create standalone iOS and Android makes with a single configuration file. With a single command, they can let Expo do the heavy lifting by generating the new builds for both iOS and Android. This process takes less time.

  1. Publish updates for your apps faster

 Require the going through the entire build progress again and uploading updated versions of your apps to the app stores. Subsequently, approval by Apple or Android can take a long time. After that, the updated .Net Web Application Development must be manually reinstalled by your users.

React-Native and Expo offer the advantage that updates for your apps can be developed and published faster. This takes place via OTA (Over the Air) updates. When an update is ready for production, you can quickly post the feature. Expo minimizes the code for the update and uploads it to Amazon S3. The new update is downloaded asynchronously while the user is using the app. This means that the update is available to the user the next time he starts the app. The app does not have to be updated manually via the store. This saves a lot of time and makes developing and publishing updates for the app a breeze.

  1. You only need one kind of developer to maintain your apps

If you want to develop and maintain your apps in-house, you need both an iOS developer (Swift) and an Android developer (Java), which can cost a lot of money.

One of the React-Native apps’ great benefits is that you don’t need to hire mobile app developers – you need to Hire vb.net developer and Hire Asp.Net MVC Developer to build and maintain the website. Most frontend web developers have extensive knowledge of JavaScript and can therefore work on the apps with React-Native. These developers can also keep your website. This is a very cost-effective solution for your company.

Faster development, resource efficiency, and lower costs with React-Native and Expo

If you build your apps with React-Native and Expo, you get more bangs for your buck. Simultaneously, you can monitor development progress more closely and make new functions available to users more quickly. With React-Native, you can build valuable business apps at a lower cost.

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