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5 Reasons Why Google Reviews Are Important For Your Business

Google reviews have become hugely popular and over the last few years a lot many brands and marketers have begun using them in their business strategy, as a medium to generate more awareness and revenue. The digital era today demands businesses to leverage a variety of content in their marketing efforts to take their marketing game to a whole new level. 

Why Google Reviews Are Important For Your Business in 2022

This is where reviews come in. Since the reviews of a brand are the unsponsored content created by the existing customers of a brand themselves, they hold the potential to instill trust and confidence in your potential customers. Converting prospects into existing customers can be quite a tedious task and reviews can help you attain all this and more. 

Speaking of review platforms, Google reviews surely tops the list of reliable reviews. Even though there are various other platforms namely Facebook, Yelp, Airbnb, etc., that are used by potential customers, brands have noticed that prospects prefer using embed Google reviews as their go-to platform for going through the recommendations of existing customers. 

Reasons Why Google Reviews Are Crucial For Brands in 2022

However, it does not just stop there! Brands have begun using Google reviews in their marketing touchpoints to take their marketing efforts much further. Make your way to the end of this post about how Google reviews are extremely important for your business. 

1. Build the credibility of your brand and product

The shopping scenario has changed drastically since potential customers have become much smarter while making their purchase-related decisions. Hence, they look for brands that are authentic and credible. 

Having Google reviews can help you bring more credibility to your brand. Once your customers start seeing you in a different light, they will be compelled to know your brand better, and ultimately, it would lead to a better relationship with your customers.  

2. Instill trust in your customers using User-Generated Content

Quite often it can be extremely difficult for brands to convert their first-time visitors effectively. This happens since they are already the users of some other brand and may not be comfortable switching to your brand. Customers believe what they see, and believe the words of existing customers more seriously than the existing customers of a brand. 

Moreover, Google reviews fall under User-Generated Content which is completely unscripted and created by the will of the customers of a brand. Embedding such reviews in various marketing touchpoints including the website of your brand, like a Google review widget can help you engage and gain the trust of your potential customers. 

3. Helps in increasing your sales and conversions 

Sales or conversions happen when the potential customers are easily engaged and motivated by other google customers. 

Google reviews can help you achieve this easily. Once your potential customers read the convincing content of your existing customers. It will be motivated to explore more content and go through more reviews, leading to more engagement. 

The more the engagement will be, the more will be the trust of your customers and they will be excited to try out your products, leading to an overall increase in your conversions and sales. 

4. Build brand and product awareness

Suppose a person Googles about a product and if your brand caters to the product, there is a chance that they may be intrigued to know your brand more. Prospective customers directly reach out for Google reviews to know more about a brand. 

They might not have heard about your brand, but your Google reviews will be able to give them an insight into your brand and the experiences of your customers.  

5. Enjoy SEO benefits for your business

Lastly, Google reviews help brands tremendously to improve their ranking on the search engine ranking page. Google ranks and shows brands that enjoy higher ratings on search engines. 

Moreover, the higher your ranking would be on the search engine, the more interested your potential customers are. And know more about your brand and explore your brand or products. Additionally, if you have no Google reviews, there is a chance that your customers will not be able to trust you fully and look for other options instead. 

Now that you have understood the main reasons for having the Google reviews. So we are going to tell you about using this tool to embed Google reviews on the website. Enjoy all the aforementioned benefits and much more for your business. 

Tagembed – The Best Google Reviews Aggregation Tool


Tagembed is a super responsive and leading tool. It allows users to collect and embed content from more than 18+ social media networks including Google. The users of the tool can connect the tool with their Google my business account. And easily collect all customer’s reviews by choosing the location option. 

The amazing Tagembed features can be used to Google review widget to a new level. Users can leverage the customization options to make the widget more appealing to look at. They can select from a wide range of fonts, colors, backgrounds, themes, templates, layouts, and other styling options. Sometimes users like to spread unnecessary hate and leave abusive reviews to troll a brand.

Hence, Tagembed offers its users a profanity filter to eliminate any inappropriate content and maintain top-quality content. The users can also use the advanced analytics option to track the insights on total likes, impressions, engagement level, etc. 

Moreover, the users need not update the content manually as Tagembed offers automatic content updates for the same. 

Other features of the tool are a no-complex structure and easy integration with almost every website building platform. If at all, a customer comes across an issue while using this tool. And it can take assistance from the back support team of the tool for further assistance. 

You can even beautify the widget and make it more attention-grabbing by using appropriate themes or styles. Tagembed provides various different widgets and themes that you can select to make your widget stand out on your website. Some Google reviews examples on the website are slider widget, classic carousel, review carousel. There are a lot more – and you can explore them when you use Tagembed for this purpose. Each example has its own charm and own benefits. And to enjoy them you need to have them embedded on your website.

Key Takeaways

More than 80% of potential customers leverage customer reviews examples before making a purchase. Moreover, if website visitors do not see Google reviews, there is a high chance that they might leave the website and look for alternative options instead. 

This brings us to the end of this post and you are now aware of the biggest reasons why embedding Google reviews are super important and beneficial for the growth of your business. A large number of brands are already using Google reviews on their websites to enjoy the benefits and if you have not yet started, then you are missing out on a great opportunity. 

So why do you lose your business so get hurry up and use these amazing profits for your brand and products?

Now that you know about the benefits and the best tool for the Google review widget embedding process. We highly recommend you get going and start the process right away to increase your brand’s performance and to increase your profits! 

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