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5 Rules for Wearing Jewelry Every Day

5 Rules for Wearing Jewelry Every Day

Jewelry, in many ways, is the pinnacle of fashion. If you look at fashion as the transformation of clothing from a necessity into a form of aesthetic expression, then jewelry doubles down in this regard. It doesn’t provide you any sort of protection or warmth — it’s purely for beauty purposes.

Because of this, every time you’re wearing jewelry, you’re making a statement. If you want to get into wearing jewelry, you’d do well to learn a few jewelry rules.

But what are these rules for wearing jewlery? This article will walk you through a brief guide to jewelry styling.

1. Every Piece Must Be Deliberate

As stated above, there’s no practical purpose for jewelry. You can always argue that you put on a shirt you did because of the weather — that your scarf was a choice to keep out the cold. However, there’s no excuse for jewlery; you just wear it because you want to.

Because of this, you have to be deliberate about the jewelry you wear. Don’t select a random necklace. Coordinate your jewelry with the outfit you’re wearing.

2. Dress to Your Style

Fashion is just as much about deletion as it is about accumulation. Not every piece of clothing/ jewelry out there is going to fit your personal aesthetic, and that’s okay.

Jewelry is about quality over quantity. However, the quality has to be the right quality for you. A 200 dollar bracelet means nothing if it just doesn’t fit with your personal look.

3. Layer

While quality over quantity is important, certain pieces of jewelry just look better layered on top of each other. Don’t give up on a piece of jewelry because it doesn’t look at home all by itself. Pack on the layers to create intricate levels of fashion patterns.

4. Find a Great Provider

If you want to embrace the “quality over quantity” maxim, you’re going to need to find the right jewelry provider to ensure a high-quality jewelry product. The more you’re snooping around for great jewelry, the more likely you are to get scammed.

Check out this website we found: one of the best providers of everyday jewelry. It will provide you with all your jewelry needs.

5. Develop a Signature Piece

One of the best ways to make yourself look fashionable — while also minimizing effort — is to develop a signature style. By picking a certain piece of jewelry that you love and wearing it many times, you’ll learn when it looks best. People will begin to know you by it, creating a signature look.

Understand the Rules For Wearing Jewelry

As you can see, the rules for wearing jewelry aren’t restrictions, but guidelines that will help you exceed in your fashion endeavors.

Pick deliberate pieces, wear jewelry that fits your style, layer pieces, find a great provider, and find a signature bit of jewelry, and you’re far more likely to shine.

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