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5 Significant business benefits from becoming a VoIP reseller

VoIP reseller are revolutionizing the communications industry, and as a result, the sales channel has seen significant growth and success. Your potential customers and customers rely on you for the latest communication services; Adding VoIP to your portfolio will ensure that you continue to meet their needs, maintain a competitive approach. Here are the six main benefits of building a retail VoIP store:

Improve your competition

Local telephone systems are obsolete, in many cases obsolete, and companies are rapidly moving to VoIP to  communications needs. Your key to success is to offer the latest technology as it emerges to keep your business relevant and competitive. VoIP reseller services are fast becoming the standard, whether in addition to on-site telephone systems or as a single technology. By offering VoIP, along with other service offerings, you will provide advanced technological  business.

Improving predictable revenue flows

Field providers face the challenge of generating a predictable revenue stream because their customers often pay for services in individual amounts. When selling VoIP, all end users are charged a certain amount each month, so you can generate predictable, recurring revenue streams.

Set your own price

As a VoIP reseller that offers white label services, you can set your own prices. You can adjust your price over time as you create a competitive cost model  of your business. Flexibility in setting your own prices ensures that you maintain control over your financial success, and gives you the opportunity to maximize profit margins.

Improving business efficiency

With the right integrated VoIP platform, you can integrate your CRM software, accounting software, and other critical applications into a single platform. This feature-packed solution allows you to sell, deliver, manage and invoice customers from one place. VoIP also allows your business to go up and down as needed, without the hassle, time and resources needed to keep systems in place.

Use the product as required

Probably the best reason for selling VoIP is high demand! VoIP services provide significant benefits to businesses of all sizes. Due to the increased efficiency, reduced costs and increased geographical flexibility they offer, the services are almost identified as companies looking for more modern communication solutions.

What is Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)?

If you want to improve your business communications, you’ve probably come across Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) along with links to the latest VoIP business phones and software. So what is SIP trunking providers  and how can you and your company benefit from it?

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)

A protocol is a set of rules that determine how two or more computer devices (such as laptops, smartphones, routers, etc.) communicate with each other. SIP is a protocol that helps stream video, voice and communication. It is a way to deploy Voice over Internet Protocol Sip trunk Providers, which is why SIP is a specific technology that supports VoIP communication and allows users to make and receive Internet calls.

A session is established to initiate the transmission of Internet communication, and once established, the data is transmitted, managed, and completed using SIP. You won’t know it because everything will take place in a few milliseconds and the call quality is even better than with a traditional telephone line.

What is the role of SIP in a VoIP reseller?


If you are familiar with traditional PSTN or ISDN networks that switch between copper lines, consider SIP, which works the same way to connect your device to the outside world by routing Internet traffic. If you use a device to communicate with the Internet, you have a SIP address as a VoIP user. This allows you to make a call that connects one SIP address to another, and then data can be transferred. We already rely on SIP and VoIP for communication – such as smartphones, Zoom and Microsoft Teams – and soon we will all move away from traditional landlines for convenience and make internet calls. in 2025, the PSTN and ISDN services will be changed for everyone in the UK due to the “big shutdown”.

How do I get access to SIP telephony?

If you want to connect your corporate communication in the cloud and take advantage of VoIP reseller, you must choose between hosted PBX orSIP trunk providers . A hosted PBX is a cloud-based telephone system operated by a third-party service provider. SIP trunking Upgrade your existing PBX with an Internet connection to be ready for a major outage in 2025.

First, clarify your requirements. You need settings that will serve your current business needs and will also be able to scale according to your future plans. VoIP is usually suitable for small businesses because it is very easy to install, while SIP allows you to keep your existing telephone system, so it may be the best choice if you have an established communications network. SIP trunking allows you to continue using your corporate PBX through a SIP trunk: a direct virtual connection between your PBX and the VoIP device.

What is a sales company?

Before we get into the tips, let me first share what it is.

A reseller is a person who sells products and services. The seller usually does not have to invest in setting up the infrastructure. Without investing a penny, he can start selling and making money. This business model is called resale business.

The reseller is very important in the VoIP sector. For example, the wholesale VoIP market is huge, but Class 4 Softswitch is an expensive solution. Therefore, resellers can work with a wholesale provider and start selling to make a profit without buying this VoIP Softswitch.

The reseller model is so important in the VoIP sector that we have a separate and comprehensive reseller module with our ASTPP smartphone platform. Now that you understand the importance of reselling your business, let’s share the main tips to help you get started:

White label or exclusive contract

This is necessary to protect your interest. If your ISP uses a solution that supports white labels, then it allows you to use a white label solution as easy as the software that provides the feature. However, you need to know about giving a white label. Another useful tip is to try to get an exclusive contract. This allows you to make a lot of money, because for some regions you are the only one who sells this service.

Everything on paper

Verbal obligations cannot be verified. It is therefore necessary to have written commitments. Both parties must sign the agreement and legalize the partnership in order to protect their interests. VoIP providers that offer resellers usually have a complete process in place, including NDAs and contracts. However, there is nothing wrong with starting this conversation.

Freedom to choose tariffs and fees

In the VoIP sector, the most popular business model for reselling predefined customer contract fees is payment to the main provider. To make money, the seller can define their own price list and plan. Of course, this requires a lot of business and a return on investment. With ASTPP, as we mentioned, the seller has complete freedom. He can create different rate plans to increase the profit margin at his convenience. This means that for corporate telephone services based on IP PBX solutions with multiple tenants, one reseller and one provider can have different price lists. You must confirm these and other conditions in connection with your partner’s independent invoicing. These are the top 3 tips you should follow to get started and move in the right direction in your resale business.

You can also start your own business and create a network of salespeople who sell for you. We offer a platform for smartphones for providers and retailers. It has a complete module for resellers.

Is VoIP Phone Service Ideal For Small Businesses?

Most small businesses choose a VoIP phone service for their communication needs VoIP reseller. But why is this the most common solution for companies in this regard? Hosted VoIP calling offers flexibility and affordability while being packed with features that can transform your business and improve your communication habits and customer service results.

Flexibility is the key to building a successful small business. Such flexibility is evident in approaches to human resources and technology applications. A hosted business VoIP phone service offers companies a wide range of options. For example, technology that adapts the way your business works to benefit your customers and partners.

employees can join any ring group or call queue. Or make, receive and transfer calls just as you would at your headquarters. The most mobile employees can use software applications on their mobile device or laptop, so these devices look like their desk phone!

The telephone system measures your business. One of the great benefits of a hosted VoIP phone service is that you don’t have to buy a complete phone system. As you age, eliminate the need to buy or pay for a specific set of expansion modules.

Additional VoIP phones can be added if needed. It will save you from the small size of your system at startup, but you will replace it later. Not to mention that it prevents you from paying too much for a system based on expected growth.

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