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5 Simple Steps to Set Up an Online Store through WooCommerce

Launching an online startup is not easy these days. But with the right guidance and platform, it is not impossible to achieve your dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Currently, there are three platforms with the service offerings such as; Spotify, WordPress, and WooCommerce. Comparatively, Spotify is quite expensive with limited options unless you pay extra charges. Which is quite a lot for a startup. So here are 5 simple steps to set up an online store through WooCommerce.

This article will guide you with 5 simple step-by-step instructions, into developing your very own e-commerce store. Make sure to not miss any point while creating.




A domain is something that your users or customers use to reach you; for instance Where ABC will be your store name, representing your brand. Be sure to make it unique and something different to have an impression, simple yet impactful.

However, every website needs a web hosting space, where the files and data can be stored along with the availability on the online platforms. There are many companies providing both services. But the recommendation will always be for Bluehost, due to its success rate and discount offers with many features.

STEP 2: WordPress

WordPress is one of the key sections of the website. Once you signed up for Bluehost, WordPress and WooCommerce will directly be installed into your website. Making sure to provide you with the finest service.

The WordPress page will now appear. Go to the settings and select the title and http for your SSL activation. Remember that SSL certification is free at Bluehost if you avail it. SSL certificate authorizes your website and encrypts the connection. A necessary step for an online store.

STEP 3: WooCommerce Store

A ‘run the setup wizard’ box will now show up in the notification. As soon as you will pass through your general settings. Pressing that will get you started.

Select your location and payment method along with the currency to move on. Appropriate shipping and tax information would then be required. Enter that. And for the future users of Bluehost, they are also providing the physical good shipping option as well. If you want to skip it, that can be done as well. Leave the box unchecked if you’re unsure yet about the availability option.

Set up a payment method in order to provide convenience to your customers. Go for the easiest universal payment method; PayPal standard. Enter your PayPal email address and continue.

As soon as you will be done with it, your website is all set up.



As you come on your page, the product option will be evident at the sidebar for you to go for. Click on it, go to add products, first add some title for the product you are adding like; juice wrld 999 life jacket, then some description about it, since the SEO will be set according to your keywords, keeping your product at the top search.

Set your title and the descriptions. Then go to ‘Add New Product Category’ to sort it into a particular section. Which makes it easier for your customers to find the product. This option will be available in the right-hand column, under the ‘Product categories’ box.

Soon after that go to the product data box. Provide the necessary information related to your product, i.e. pricing, shipping. Underneath it will be a short description option for the product. Fill that up. At last, will be the photo gallery option at the right-hand column of the page. Upload the picture you want to display, as a visual representation of what you are selling.

Make sure to not miss any of these steps while uploading your product. Add as many as you want before making your website live, following the same steps.


The key part of your website is how well you chose your theme to be. That is what attracts the customers and the website traffic the most. Be wise while choosing.

Bluehost provides countless customize free theme templates, to apply them; go to, Appearance, under it, will be the customize page option. It will launch a customizer, which will allow you to try different types of themes to choose from. For instance, if you have a store that deals in celebrity leather jackets, then it would be best you try out themes that could display your products well. Browse and try for the best one that compliments the entire outlook of your website.

It’s as simple as this. Make sure to stay focused as long as you work on it, to get the best possible result. Today, hundreds of entrepreneurs use Bluehost to have a successful and reasonable startup. Hope that these 5 simple steps to set up an online store through WooCommerce Signup today to not regret tomorrow since an opportunity is just a click away from you. Be the artist of your own dreams and not hesitate. You can actually make it work!

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