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5 Simple Tips for Showing Employee Appreciation

About 15% of employees say that they’re either dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with their workplace. This dissatisfaction can carry over into their personal life and create significant stress.

If you run a company, you owe it to yourself to create the best experience possible for the people that work for you. Happy employees create an amazing workplace that people will love showing up to each day.

So what steps can you take? We’re happy to explain.

The points in this article will help you when you want to express employee appreciation.

1. Have Open and Friendly Conversations

Caring for employees sometimes just means having some friendly conversations. This is a common thread that people appreciate in any industry or line of work you can think of.

The Minnesota Vikings fired their head coach recently. One of the star players remarked in an interview that one thing the team could improve on with a new coach isn’t the offensive scheme or halftime adjustments – it was creating a culture where the coaches speak, say “good morning”, and ask players how they’re doing.

If an NFL offensive lineman playing a violent sport appreciates these little things, rest assured that the people in your office feel the same. You can be about your business and still have friendly and open conversations with your employees.

2. Keep the Office Clean and Tidy

Maintaining a clean workplace is one of the best decisions that you can make. When your office is fresh, clean, and smells good, people will feel right at home.

Find the help of the best janitorial cleaning company that can take care of your office on a regular basis. Keeping a clean office also gets rid of bacteria that cause viruses and illness.

3. Hold Employee Appreciation Events

Taking care of employees means also showing it in the form of events. Go out of your way to hold employee appreciation dinners, banquets, and bonding events.

It’s a great way to not only show people you care but also help your employees let their hair down.

4. Provide Raises and Bonuses

Without a doubt, money talks. All of the appreciation in the world doesn’t matter unless your employees are fairly compensated.

Always take a hard look at your books and find ways to give raises when deserved. Even when you can’t afford full raises, you can give out bonus checks around the holidays or for performance.

Focus on quality employee management and development. You’ll improve retention and make people feel appreciated when they know they can climb the ladder in your company.

5. Offer Food and Giveaways

You can never go wrong with food. Bring in a nice spread of food offerings that people love. Don’t shy away from dropping a little extra money on catered lunches or dinners for your employees.

Employees also love giveaways. Put together some swag bags or give away gift cards or other freebies.

Show Employees That You Care

Employee appreciation goes a long way. When you put the tips above to use you’ll be better able to create a workplace that is productive and energetic. Your employees are your biggest investment, so treat them with the care that they deserve.

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