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5 Solid Reasons to Learn iOS Development in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The tourism sector serves as the backbone for the local economy. However, recently, the IT sector has shown considerable growth.

Like everywhere else, locals in Dubai believe IT is the future. And to grab lucrative jobs, they need to master high in-demand IT skills. That’s why IOS development has become a hot skill in the region.

More and more people are investing their time to learn iOS development so they can either find a job in Dubai or move abroad to work for bigger companies.

Let’s walk you through 5 solid reasons to learn iOS development in Dubai:

  1. High Salary

According to Glassdoor, the average salary of an iOS Developer is AED 10,000 per month in Dubai. Beginners start from AED 5000 while an experienced developer can make up to AED 25K. The greater the salary, the more the demand for skill.

Locals fear that AI might take their job. Or because companies hire people from Asian countries at lower salaries, there might not be enough jobs for the locals in the future.

However, if you master mobile app development skills in the upcoming years, you will never have to deal with unemployment. In fact, you will have greater chances of working with multinational companies.

And the job salary will always be enough to make ends meet, and you will be able to save a big chunk of it on a monthly basis.

  1. More Job opportunities

Don’t think as an iOS developer you will be limited to only software development firms and IT companies. An iOS developer can work for banks, finance companies, even medical institutions and hospitals where an in-house team is required to develop and make changes in the existing mobile application.

This will open up multiple doors for you to get more exposure and gain valuable experience. Further, you can diversify your niche and increase your worth.

The point here is mobile app development, be it android or iOS, has a different worth in all sectors. Whether you want to work for local businesses or move abroad, you won’t have to worry about job opportunities at all.

3. iOS is Easier than Android

Does it feel daunting to you to learn iOS development? My friend, it’s easier than you think — certainly when you have hundreds of free resources available online.

Besides that, Swift is the official language of iOS development, and it’s not rocket science. The language was introduced by Apple in 2014 to replace Objective-C and since then it has become a standard language in iOS development.

It’s fast, easy to understand, and integrates with core services. Someone who has basic knowledge of code can get started. Someone with prior knowledge of Java and Kotlin would find Swift much easier, and thus switching from android development to iOS won’t be a big deal.

  1. More Sophisticated Tools

When you choose iOS development, you get the chance to work with more sophisticated tools. Apple’s IDE( Integrated Development Environment) has a user-friendly interface and offers great stability by all means.

Just like Apple designs all of its products with user’s convenience in mind, the same is the case here. The iOS development tools make your job easier. 

Apple’s Xcode is used to develop and design apps and further test and launch them. Alongside that, the same Xcode comes bundled with tools required to carry out the development task from A-Z.

Android developers can really feel their pain here. They have to rely on dedicated tools to carry out different tasks. Android studio is nowhere near the versatility of Xcode in this regard.

So, if you have the flair to become a mobile app developer in the future, your best option is iOS development. 

  1. Become Part of an Amazing Community

The feeling of being a part of one of the most diverse communities in the world gives one a sense of pride and achievement. Just like Tesla and SpaceX, Apple has a cult-like following.

While creating an iOS app, you must understand the fact that you are creating a digital product for the elite class. People wait for months for the release of Apple’s latest product, thousands of student developers work hard to get a scholarship opportunity that will give them a free ticket to Apple’s annual developer conference.

And not to mention the sense of pride when you realize you are one of the few iOS developers in Dubai. Due to scarcity, companies have to hire mobile app developers from Asian countries. As a local resident of Dubai, they will be more than happy to hire you over a foreigner.

On the other side of the equation, Android apps are programmed in   Java, which can be harder to learn for those who aren’t already familiar with object-oriented programming. Plus, the development environment can be buggy and unstable, so it’s not an idea for newbie programmers.

This is exactly what makes iOS Development an easier place to start for those without much coding experience. Swift was designed to be fast, easy to optimize, and simple to integrate with the many-core services provided by Apple.

Even with all of those powerful features, it was designed to be understood by human language. Here’s a fact, Swift programming language can be read and understood just like reading in the English language!

Apple’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for iOS Development is world-class, as to how they like to coin it in their keynote presentations.

 6 . It’s easy to use, user-friendly, and stable!

As you would expect, iOS developer tools are much like Apple products like an iPhone or Macbook, they’re designed to make your job easier.

Xcode for instance, the software you use to design and develop your app, has been around for longer than its Android equivalent, so the level of maturation is much higher.

Since the very beginning, iOS developers have used Apple’s Xcode to build, test, and launch apps. Without any further work to set up multiple tools to get a working development environment, Xcode comes bundled with all of the tools you need in an all-in-one software.

Android tried its best to replicate this with their Android Studio, but most developers agree that Xcode offers a better experience especially when it comes to designing the visual layout of the app, as well as testing it against different screen sizes and device types.

7. iOS Environment is more integrated than Android’s

We’ve discussed how Swift programming language and Xcode make iOS Development easier to get started with than other platforms. In addition to the tools being easier to use, the iOS platform itself provides a collection of services that make it easy for developers to add sophisticated features to their apps.

iOS has many application programming interfaces or APIs that provide data and services to your apps. For instance, Apple’s Core Location makes it easy to add features that use real-time GPS location tracking, such as a “find the nearest store” map.

You can use this technology if, for example, you want to develop your grocery delivery app like Instacart. Of course, there are other APIs you can use like the ones for Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

APIs exist on other platforms, but none of them are as easy and as accessible to use as the ones Apple provides. This makes the process of developing your apps a whole lot less hassle and mess.

Apple’s cult-like following, much like what the king of Tesla and SpaceX built, has followed into their developer ecosystem. Thousands of student developers work on a project for an opportunity of a scholarship that includes a free ticket to Apple’s annual developer conference, also known as WWDC.

But unlike some, most are also excited for the freebies, like a Levis jacket designed for attendees.


Undoubtedly, iOS development is worth learning. Besides having hundreds of job opportunities and working with multinational companies, you enjoy a higher pay scale and job security. In Dubai, there’s already a scarcity of iOS developers. This one skill can pave your way for a successful career in the IT industry.

However, for that, you must learn iOS development from the most updated platforms to get access to advanced knowledge. 

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