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5 Sure Shot Ways to Increase Click Through Rate in SEO

How to Increase Click Through Rate in SEO

Are you facing problems in getting a high Click Through Rate in SEO? Well, we do all face this problem of getting the low Click through rate on the SERP’s. A website without a decent CTR leads you nowhere.

Increasing your Organic CTR symbolises more traffic to your website without significantly having to increase your search engine rankings.

So to make your problem solved, we have gathered some of the points that will help you get a high click-through rate in SEO. 

But Before, we tell you about the useful tips to increase your Website Click-Through Rate, here is a quick overview of the term Click through Rate in the SEO. 

Click Through Rate is a metric used frequently in marketing to calculate the ratio of searchers who click on an organic result in the search engine page divided by the total number of searches for that specific keyword. 

You can also use a formula to calculate the CTR:

Organic clicks ÷ Impressions – Organic CTR 

CTR plays a significant role in SEO. If you want to master this field, you need to have a strong command over your content and CTR. You can also take help of courses to enhance your skills in the digital field. Currently there are several institutions that come up with Digital marketing course in Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi-NCR and other major locations of India.

I hope now you have understood the Importance of  Click-Through-Rate. 

So, Now Let’s begin with the different ways of How you can increase the Click Through Rate on the website. Here we have listed 5 ways to increase Click Through Rate in SEO.  

1. Optimize Your Title 

To increase the CTR, optimizing your title is one of the most important tactics that you have to keep in mind. Also, it’s one of the significant factors in on-page SEO.

No matter how authentic an article you have written, it won’t be able to get much exposure if the title of your article is not optimized. 

optimize your title

So, to make the title of your article more attractive, engaging and converting, you can follow some of the tips i.e 

-> Don’t use Heavy Title  

-> Use Brackets in Your Titles

-> Try a Numbered list as it’s easy for readers to understand it

-> Use the current Calendar Year

-> Always Test Your Headlines. 


2. Optimize Your Meta Description 

Once you have optimized the title of your article, the next thing you have to do is to optimize the Meta Description. 

While writing the Meta description for your article, make sure it is between 155 – 160 characters with an engaging & clickable description that can easily summarize an article’s content.


Meta Descriptions for SEO

Writing the optimized meta description will let other visitors know what the article is really about before they click on your article. 


3. Optimize Your URLs 

The other tactic that you have to keep in mind while optimizing your URL to increase the Click-through rate is to set relevant information about a web page location and its context.

Therefore, optimizing the URLs strategically will help you build significant importance of a page on your Website’s particular post. 


4. Set up Structured Data

To increase the website clicks on the Search Engine, you have to optimize the Structure Data i.e Schema Markup of your website. 

Optimizing your website Structured Data will make it easier for the search engines to crawl, organize and display the content for your website in the SERPs that will help the search engines bots to easily crawl your website. 


5. Optimize Videos and Images for SEO 

To increase the clicks on your website, you also need to optimize the images, videos and featured snippets to increase the chance of getting high clicks and visibility on the search engine results pages. 

In order to optimize the images and videos of your website, you can use the targeted keywords in images, videos title, description and alternate text. 


I hope from the above information, you can understand the different ways of how you can easily increase the click on your website by applying the following techniques. 

Therefore, the only way to get high traffic on your website is to get high clicks from Google and other search engines. Thus, by improving your clicks through rates, you’ll increase organic search traffic and conversions for your products and services. 


Manju Rai is currently working as an ORM Manager with Digiperform. She has a great passion for digital marketing where she helps small and medium-sized organizations to enhance their online presence and reputation. Apart from Digital Marketing, she has a keen interest in video making, video editing, and creative writing.

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