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5 Telltale Signs You Are Addicted to Vicodin (and What to Do About It!)

5 Telltale Signs You Are Addicted to Vicodin (and What to Do About It!)

Over 16.3 million people admit to misusing prescription drugs sometime during the last year. Many of these individuals won’t become addicted to the pills, but some will.

Becoming addicted to Vicodin is a common addiction. Some people develop this addiction after surgery that required pain pills. Others develop this habit from playing around with pills.

Do you think there’s a chance that you’re addicted to Vicodin? How can you know if you are?

Here is a guide to help you learn five telltale signs that you’re addicted, along with some information to help you know what you can do about it.

1. You Crave It

Vicodin is a painkiller used to take the edge off the pain after surgery or when dealing with chronic pain. It falls into the opioid category of drugs, which makes it highly addictive.

One of the top signs you are addicted to Vicodin is cravings for it. For example, do you find yourself craving more of it even though you aren’t scheduled to take it for hours?

When your brain becomes dependent on the drug, it sends signals that you need it. These signals come across as cravings.

2. You Experience Withdrawal Symptoms

Secondly, you might have a Vicodin addiction if you experience withdrawal symptoms when you skip your dose. Withdrawal symptoms can occur even if you take the medication as your doctor prescribed.

Withdrawal symptoms might make you feel irritable if you don’t take the pills on time. They can make you sweat and can leave you feeling nauseous.

3. You Need More Than Before

Another sign that you need Vicodin addiction treatment is if you take more pills than prescribed just to feel normal.

For example, if you need to double your dosage to feel fine, you might be struggling with an addiction.

4. You Hide the Amount You Take

You might also suspect a problem if you’re hiding the amount you’re taking.

If you sense that your loved ones wouldn’t condone the amount of medication you’re taking, it could be a sign of an addiction.

5. You Find Other Ways to Get Them

Finally, you should seriously consider looking into rehab for Vicodin addiction if you’re starting to find other ways to get the medication.

For example, are you faking injuries and going to the emergency room to get more Vicodin? If so, you might have an addiction that requires professional treatment.

You can learn more about the different types of rehab programs for addiction to choose the best option for your situation.

Seek Help If You’re Addicted to Vicodin

You might feel embarrassed that you could be addicted to Vicodin. Additionally, you might be in denial about it.

However, you shouldn’t let this stop you from getting professional help. Many people fall prey to drug addiction each year, so you’re not alone.

You can get the help you need by speaking with an addiction treatment facility.

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