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5 things to keep in mind when looking at eClinicalWorks EHR Demo

Health practitioners rely upon EHR systems to help them streamline their workflow. eClinicalWorks is one such EHR that allows you to simplify your organizational and operational tasks. This cloud-based EHR enables you to access patient data across multiple devices. With the help of eClinicalWorks, you can provide improved quality care to your patients.

Why Should You Opt for an EHR Demo?

When considering EHR Software for your setup, the most crucial task is to list down the features you want. It will help if you consider multiple factors such as speciality-specific features provided and customizable tools. Later, while receiving a demo, this enables you to analyze whether the software fulfils your requirements. The demo also provides a better picture of how the product will work in a real-time healthcare setup. 

eClinicalWorks EHR Demo

The EHR software is a significant investment for your practice; hence, you need to get a solution that offers maximum clinical efficiency. If you are a healthcare provider and looking for a solution to simplify your workflow, eClinicalWorks EHR Software is a good option for you. Before directly buying the software, you need to consider multiple factors that can impact your decision. Following are the key features that you need to consider while getting the eClinicalWorks demo.

Integrated EHR

The eClinicalWorks EHR Software offers total integration with the Practice Management System. This integrated system allows you to organize your patient’s status, such as their check-in to the clinic and departure. While looking at the eClinicalWorks demo, ensure that the integration streamlines the process from when the patients enter the clinic to consult till they reach the billing station.

Since the software allows you to access patient data from multiple locations, ensure you can do that while evaluating the demo. Along with that, make sure to determine how the customizable features offered by eClinicalWorks help you in your practice. 

Patient Portal

eClinicalWorks EHR Software offers a patient portal through which patients can communicate with you regarding their health. Patients can access the patient portal to record their medications, schedule appointments, and view their lab test results. The features offered by eClinicalWorks help you to connect with your patients and provide improved access to healthcare. eClinicalWorks also provides telemedicine which allows patients to schedule a visit virtually. Telehealth is an excellent feature, especially during a Pandemic. It is also a reasonable option for patients residing in low socio-economic regions who can’t afford to come physically.

When receiving a demo, make sure you can navigate the system and view how the patient portal, messaging feature, and telehealth services help you streamline your workflow and promote quality care to your patients. Ensure whether the patient portal fulfills all your requirements and can help you improve patient engagement. 

Population Health

eClinicalWorks also provide a group of inexpensive solutions for population health. While receiving the demo, analyze how these features and tools help you streamline your work, improve patient care, reduce risks, and provide improved health results. 

Financial Ease

During an eClinicalWorks demo, ensure that the software allows financial interactions with different EHRs. It will help evaluate whether the ePayment processes are safe, secure, and flexible with your practice. Along with this, ePayment should also reduce entry errors and simplify your financial operations.

Customized Features

eClinicalWorks EHR Software provides customized templates and features that simplify your workflow. While receiving a demo, make sure that you can navigate through all the features. 

eClinicalWorks emr software is an award-winning integrated electronic health record and practice management (PM) solution that provides technology throughout the process of patient care delivery. With a growing network of more than 850,000 medical professionals worldwide and 130,000 physicians across the US, eClinicalWorks is a leading provider of innovative solutions for different healthcare settings. The company provides both cloud-based and on-premise solutions to urgent care facilities, ambulatory practices, hospitals, ACOs, and 50+ specialties.

The vendor offers a free data transfer/conversion policy to support the transition from legacy EHR system to eClinicalWorks EHR solution. It provides on-site training and initial implementation services at no additional charges for 1-9 physician practices. Besides, eClinicalWorks includes an RCM solution that is priced reasonably at 20% of monthly collected payments with no additional start-up costs.

The company has nine data centres that are strategically on the eClinicalWorks Grid cloud to ensure instant access to user information.

The company was involved in a false claim act lawsuit in 2017 and had to settle with the DOJ for it. eClinicalWorks now conduct regular independent software quality reviews for the next five years and submits the recommendations and details to the government.

eClinicalWorks V11, which is the latest software update, guarantees advanced patient safety and physicians’ access to Eva, a virtual assistant designed to help physicians compare progress notes, and recall patient histories. It also supports interoperability and credit card payment with a card on file to improve care coordination. Users can access the EHR system for PC and MAC using a web browser on iPad or smartphone.

eClinicalWorks EHR Training

Overall, eClinicalWorks EHR has a user-friendly interface that requires only 12-16 hours of training for your practice. You can get both on-site and online training and consultation if you look for a more personalized EHR training approach. The training makes you more self-confident in your potential to use navigate the EHR software.

eClinicalWorks EHR Pricing

eClinicalWorks pricing starts at $499/month per provider. On-site training is provided initially for setups with 1-9 providers. Additional charges apply for practices with more than nine providers. 

The price is a little higher for small practices, but the features provided by eClinicalWorks make up for that!

Our Two Bits About eClinical EHR

If you are looking for good EMR Software for your healthcare practice, eClincalWorks can be an appropriate choice. It is an affordable option for your healthcare setup. eClinicalWorks EMR Software lets you dig deeper into your clinical documentation process and allows you to work efficiently. 

You need to schedule a demo before making the purchase, as it helps you analyze your decision better. Our complete guide provides you with all the essential things to consider while looking at the eClinicalWorks demo. Make sure that you can access every feature you require for your healthcare setup. Ensure to determine that all your questions get answered during the demo.

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