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5 Things You Should Do To Optimize Your SEO Content To Rank On Google

I know. It hurts to see when you build a good website and find it does not yield good results. But when there are ways to improve search ranking on Google, why not make the adjustments?

Over 90% of the websites in the world never get attention from Google. Yours might be one of them.

Don’t worry. I have curated the 5 things you need to focus on to optimize your website’s SEO and book a spot on Google’s first page.

There are no magic tricks here and all I give you are actionable steps you can make right now.

Why Your Website Needs A Better SEO Strategy

The statistics are very clear. 59% of the world’s website traffic will come from organic search. This means you cannot turn a blind eye when it comes to SEO.

Can optimizing your SEO content really help you rank higher? Of course but you won’t get a million visits overnight.

It is like the duck that lays golden eggs. You have to be patient to reap the benefits.

But here is the catch. You can make it lay the eggs faster. 

Here are 5 things you can do right now to improve your search rankings on Google.

5 Best Tips To Improve Your SEO


  1. Target the right audience with the right content

Wishing to get every pair of eyes on your website is trying to bite off more than you can chew. In fact, the best website design strategies don’t encourage that at all.

You should be finding the right group of people who resonate with your content. Apart from other factors, organic traffic from your audience will never backfire and is assured to help you rank on Google’s first page.

Let us put it this way. You sell men’s essential clothing. As a good practice, you publish blogs and social media posts frequently. Bravo.

But covering the Paris fashion show and popular fashion trends of the year deviates from your content strategy. Your intent here is to bring people in and improve sales.

Even though you find there is some correlation, you could have done better if you had covered men’s essential needs and why your product matters.

In a nutshell, stick to your strengths and give what the visitor wants.

  1. Revamp the keywords you choose

Pick the right words.

Elders advise this and it is true and effective for speech and SEO.

Every website design checklist has a laid out approach and has a keyword plan but are you picking the right ones? 

When you choose the right keyword strategy, there is no need to stuff fluff. The right keywords accentuate while fluff leads to mediocre content.

You already know this but how to pick the right ones?

Choose keywords that the audience frequently use on the search bar. For physical stores “near me” and “on-sale” show over 200% increase in traffic. 

A great practice would be to shuffle your keywords once in a while since 92% of your keywords get searched less than 10 times a month.

Choosing your keywords should not let you compromise on volume. In fact, the volume of keywords should go up, targeting similar patterns of keywords for the best results.

  1. Pay attention to improve organic traffic

Before you choose something new, you should check what’s wrong with what you have now.

Finding out little adjustments that you can make with your website can save a ton of time and money rather than doing it all over again.

In the end, building organic traffic is all that matters because 59.2% of traffic from Google is organic.

It can be a simple tweak of your URL, optimizing your images, improving loading speed, or modifying your call-to-action buttons.

All these are simple web design mistakes that can be rectified and obviously improve your Google search ranking.

Internal links are logically the most helpful for a visitor as you provide them what they want to see. This puts your business on the front, increases the traffic, and possibly seals the deal.

  1. Successful content follow a structure

It doesn’t matter if you spend thousands of dollars on hiring an SEO strategist and build your website’s traffic. 

If you can’t identify the flaws in your content, you have serious problems.

Web content trumps everything. Every website development company in India agrees on that and it has to stay on point all the time.

Every page ranking as #1 on Google has 1447 words on average. This brings the sweet spot of 1500 to 2000 words as the ideal content length.

Use keywords that go well with the content. If you are a skincare company, having keywords of “skincare”, “beauty” or “beauty products” always help. If you don’t know how many keywords to use per page, 2% density is a good start.

The title has to be on point and so should your meta descriptions. Stick to a decent title length of 60 to 70 characters as longer titles will get truncated.

These tips are minor adjustments. Creating unique and SEO-friendly content is the real deal and that is what helps you rank higher on Google

If you are mimicking what your competitors are doing, you are doing it the wrong way.

  1. Build solid backlinks to grow your chances

With all that said, you might feel the strategy is complete. But we have kept the best for the last.

Backlinks are proof that you run a valuable website, and search engines identify that. The more websites that point you as an authentic resource, the better your chances of ranking on Google’s first page.

In fact, Google values backlinks a lot. They released a video on how they search for terms and show how backlinks help to pick out websites.

That brings us to the important question: will backlinks help you rank higher on Google? A big yes.

But it will take time. To get high-quality backlinks, you have to stay in the game for a while. How did you think Bata got ranked for anything related to footwear? Persistence and playing the long game.

But you can start right now by targeting smaller websites that have a low domain score. Even though these aren’t the same that you get from the reputed ones, they will help your ranking improve on Google.

Concluding Notes

The higher you rank on Google’s first page, the better the chances of you getting traffic and achieving your business goals. Are you still confused if you might need these adjustments?

We at Gyan Devign Tech Services can help you with that. Being one of India’s best website development companies, we provide premium web development services in India, and you are assured of getting the best results.

If you feel you need to restructure your website, get in touch with us so that we can help you achieve your business goals.

Start early as things get way better when you act soon. Get an SEO strategy that delivers and reap the benefits right before your eyes.


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