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5 Timeless Kitchen Island Designs for Your Home

5 Timeless Kitchen Island Designs for Your Home

According to the latest U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, 20% of homeowners added a work island to the kitchen during their latest renovations.

A kitchen island can add extra prep space, more seating, and a unique look to the room. However, you’re not just limited to traditional designs.

Here are some popular kitchen island designs that would look perfect in your home.

1. Multi-Functional Designs

No matter the size of your kitchen, having a countertop that serves multiple purposes can make a huge difference.

The island might incorporate appliances, the sink, prep areas, and informal seating.

When coming up with a design for a kitchen island, think about your goals. For instance, you might want to use this area for extra storage or as a place for barstools.

2. Bigger Is Better

Almost two in five kitchen islands are over seven feet long. These days, kitchen islands are getting bigger, and it’s no wonder why. That extra space is perfect for prep work.

Many people also use their islands to hang out or to work from home. Plus, many homeowners use the island to store everything from pots and pans to wine and more.

How about an open-shelf design to store cookbooks? A pantry space for your spices? A nook for pet food bowls?

The possibilities are endless, and multi-purpose designs are one reason islands are getting bigger.

3. Waterfall Countertops

A waterfall countertop or waterfall edge is a design that creates a 90-degree angle over the edge of the countertop. Essentially, it looks like the countertop continues over the edge, much like a waterfall.

This design creates a smooth and seamless appearance. It’s an excellent way to show off the veining and designs of your stone countertop.

Many homeowners opt for this look for their kitchen islands as it makes a dramatic and elegant statement. Common materials for this look include granite, quartz, marble, and travertine.

4. Irregular Shapes

When most people envision a kitchen island, they think of a rectangular shape. However, you’re not limited to this style.

Why not use asymmetrical shapes or rounded corners in your kitchen island design?

Unusual shapes can add visual interest to the room. Plus, irregularly shaped pieces of marble and granite are often cheaper, so you might be able to save more on your project.

5. Pops of Color

When designing an island for your kitchen, don’t be afraid to give it some personality. The island is the perfect place for a pop of color or a different texture.

Many homeowners like the idea of using trendy colors but might be afraid to paint their kitchen cabinets in an unusual shade like green or blue. You can incorporate the trend into your kitchen by painting your kitchen island.

The kitchen island can easily become the centerpiece of the room, depending on how you design it. A professional design team such as one from, can help you create your dream kitchen.

Find the Perfect Kitchen Island Designs

If you’re interested in renovating your home, use these kitchen island designs for inspiration. Don’t be afraid to add some personality to your kitchen, and seek a designer’s help if you’re feeling lost.

If you’re interested in more design tips, read some of our other posts. We cover a variety of home improvement topics to make the most of your home.

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