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5 Tips and Tricks for Running in the Winter

“Winter is coming,” said the Stark family in Game of Thrones.

It’s winter, which can mean cold weather, icy sidewalks and streets, and shorter days. This makes running outside a lot harder.

Even if you’re a seasoned runner, winter can be tough. But don’t worry.

Keep reading and check out our 5 winter running tips and tricks for making running in the winter safer and more comfortable while you log your miles.

1. Layer Up

When running in cold weather, you may need to wear extra layers to keep warm when they start their run and during it. This can be frustrating because one may feel like they are too hot at first and that they’ll overheat later on.

If you think this might happen to you, start your workout slowly without wearing too many layers at first; then add them as you feel comfortable (and not overheated).

Also, choose lightweight clothes such as synthetic fabrics made from Polartec® like Power Dry® and Power Stretch®.

Some fabrics shrink less than others, so pay attention to that detail when purchasing new clothes or running gear.

Now let’s carry on with these tips for beginner runners.

2. Get Gloves That Keep Your Hands Warm but Allow For Touchscreen Use

There are many options of touchscreen gloves on the market made from different materials including wool, leather, and fleece. It’s best to get a pair that will keep your hands warm without too much bulkiness.

When buying mittens, it’s helpful to try on some pairs; gloves tend to fit more comfortably because they’re lightweight compared to mittens which may cause pain in the wrist or fingers if they’re too tight or not flexible.

3. Use Sticky Spray

This is an innovative product that applies similarly to the way spray paint does. It has an adhesive quality that allows it to stick on one’s clothes or shoes without feeling too sticky or uncomfortable afterward.

This also makes it easy for runners who are often busy with work and family responsibilities because they don’t have time to stop at home before their runs or workouts to prepare themselves by putting on tape beforehand.

4. Keep Your Head Warm with a Hood

If you are someone who likes to have their head covered during the winter, try wearing a hood or beanie. Just make sure that is lightweight enough so that air won’t get caught inside and cause discomfort.

Also, avoid wearing hats that are too tight around your forehead because they can hurt after being worn for hours at a time.

5. Always Run with Water or Sports Drink on You

It may be helpful to have a water bottle on hand so you can refill it after your workout if necessary. Although some people drink from spigots at their local park, this is not encouraged because of the quality of the water.

If possible, always bring a reusable bottle that won’t take up too much space in your bag. This will allow for multiple uses even after you’re finished running – simply attach it to your bike and ride around town!

Improve Your Running in the Winter

Running in the winter can be a great way to stay in shape, but it takes some preparations and knowledge to do it safely and effectively. We hope that our tips and tricks have helped you learn more about how to run in the winter.

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