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5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Wedding Sherwani

Sherwanis is the most popular dressing option for an Indian groom as it signifies style and elegance. It is believed that clothes and rituals are a vital part of any Indian wedding, so both the bride and the groom are dressed in gorgeous clothes(the perfect wedding sherwani).

Not only the couples but even the guests are dressed in their best clothes. As the Indian wedding ceremony continues for several days, the couples get to wear a new outfit every day.

Apart from the latest sherwani design marriage, you can also opt for chic tuxedos, designer kurta pajamas, and embroidered dhoti kurtas, according to the functions.

Sherwani – A Symbol Of Rich Traditional Fashion

Sherwani is a symbol of rich traditional fashion with royal elegance and style. Considered a regal outfit sherwanis have always been dream attire for its admirers.

A groom’s first challenge is to be the best-dressed man at his wedding, but in no way overshadow his bride. Suvidha Fashion guide to picking the perfect sherwani shows you how.

The modern groom needs to showcase elegance, power, and status when leading his baraat to the wedding ceremony and into the mandap, or onto the stage.

For those few moments, before the bride makes her grand entrance to steal the limelight for the rest of the day, all eyes are focused on the groom and his attire.

But fear not as Suvidha Fashion is on hand with a must-read guide to picking the latest sherwani design for the groom to impress your guests, your bride, and most importantly, those dreaded in-laws!

Important Tips Before Selecting The Perfect Wedding Sherwani


First and foremost have a ‘conversation’ about colors with your fiance before you venture out on your own. Your floral silk sherwani for the groom will need to complement the bridal dress, not the other way around.

Be in no doubt that your bride-to-be will already have thought through color schemes in great detail before she ever laid eyes on you.

The good news is that it has never been a better time for wearing colors away from the traditional white and red.

Turquoise, which was once considered to be a bold color for a groom, is not considered so daring these days and can be quite a fashionable choice.

Basically, anything goes. So be as bold as you can within your ‘agreed’ brief.


You should have total control over this one, and there are plenty of suave styles available thanks to cutting-edge designers.

Have some fun and try out different styles to discover new style sherwani design for males, and be sure to pick something that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Looking to outshine you is that ‘pretty-boy overseas cousin looking to attract a bride of his own. He’ll be flirting with party wear styles like the modern cravat and Indo-western fusion cuts.

These are all worth considering, but be aware that guests can get away with experimenting and not getting it right – you can’t!

The words ‘regal’, ‘royal’ and ‘class’ should always be in the forefront of your mind.


Design will make or break your image. A dynamic range of designs exists, from immersive prints, embossed patterns to various levels of embroidery.

If you are tall and slender, then a designer Silk Sherwani design with a larger print will work well. On the other hand, if that crash diet isn’t going so well and you’re still looking a little tubby, stick with darker colors with smaller patterns to conceal those love handles.

The collar is where everyone’s eyes will immediately gaze to, so make sure to get plenty of bling here. Remember this is not just your wedding; it is a photoshoot that will forever live in memory and will be zoomed in on and shown to your grandchildren.


Invest your hard-earned cash in high-grade luxury fabrics like premium silks and cotton and velvet. No matter how cool the patterns and embroideries are, your look will be tainted if the materials are flimsy and crease easily.

Silk sherwani design is very current but the most expensive. They will, however, provide a powerfully rich and regal look.

It is a misconception that velvet sherwanis cause heat and perspiration even in warmer climates. Most micro-velvet materials are no thicker than a normal suit.

Silk sherwanis are the most comfortable to the extent you may not even need to wear a kurta underneath. Cotton is the most popular choice allowing for greater embroidery than silk if this is the look you want to pursue.


The length of your floral sherwani for the groom will play a big role in your overall look. Try lengths that finish both above and below the knee taking advice from friends and showroom assistants.

Use shoulder pads if you are tall and slim to fill you out. Above all, stay comfortable as it’s going to be a long day. Whilst browsing always asks if adjustments can be made. If the length is perfect but the sleeves are too long there may be a resolution.

Wear your sherwani for a full day around the house for a genuine evaluation. Does your sherwani maintain a good shape when you are seated?

This really is your big day to shine so don’t look to play it too simple. Many guests will be seeing you for the first time so aim to make a good first impression with your new family members.

If you succeed in complementing each other through your outfits, you will look much better as a harmonized unit than you ever would wearing what’s best only for you.

Types Of Sherwanis For Men

Wedding sherwani – Apart from groom sherwani, various styles and designs are available that suit the needs of the best men, family members, or friends who are looking for stunning outfits for the wedding.

Groom Sherwani – The colors, fabrics, designs, etc. of the groom’s sherwani are selected very carefully suiting the dignity of the occasion.

The most popular colors are red, maroon, and golden as far as Indian groom sherwanis are concerned. Different types of silk and poly-silk are the main fabrics for groom sherwanis.

Designer Sherwani – These designer sherwanis are beautified with innovative cuts and excellent embroidery work to craft an amazing fusion of trends and tradition. The essence remains the same in these designer sherwanis, just the outer appearance becomes modernized.

Whether you are the happy groom or the responsible groomsman, you need to be in the limelight and make sure to look perfect on the special occasion. With Suvidha Fashion’s eye-catching men’s designer Silk Sherwani online collection, you can look dazzling and happening at the event.

The online store features the top 10 sherwani design styles for grooms. Ranging from cotton, polyester and silk fabrics, you can choose sherwanis for all the special occasions throughout the year. Thus, your concern of dressing for weddings can be addressed under one roof.

Know the designer’s latest fashion of wedding sherwani online even if you are abroad. Groom and Bride have to look perfect on their D-Day!

Express your identity with the consideration of your life partner and you will be ready for the exciting new chapter you are about to embark upon.

Good luck, grooms!

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