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5 Tips for Selling Diamond Jewelry

5 Tips for Selling Diamond Jewelry

You’re divorced and stuck with a reminder of it, a glaring diamond wedding ring? Or are you only looking to upgrade a diamond and need to dispose of an old one? Most people want to sell their diamond jewelry from broken marriages or engagements.

When you unlock your jewelry box, get an eyeful at everything inside. As your eyes can light up at new and old favorites, chances are there’s some jewelry you kept but have only slightly worn. These treasures might have failed to ignite your excitement, but they can fill someone else’s heart.

On the other hand, you may have inherited ancestral diamond jewelry from families that may cost a fortune. So many reasons may leave you wanting to sell your diamond jewelry. Fortunately, now is the best time since diamond costs are rising.

So if you’re selling diamond jewelry, here are some vital tips to remember for a positive experience.

1. Have an Appraiser Assess Your Jewelry

Seek an expert appraiser to assess your piece of diamond jewelry and tell you the value and quality. Go to an appraiser who doesn’t sell or buy diamonds to have an accurate opinion on how to sell a diamond ring or necklace. Another choice is to get free estimates from diamond buyers to get an idea of your gemstone’s worth.

There is no set price for appraisals, so ask how much you will get charged before agreeing to the assessment. The appraisal documentation may take about two to four weeks, as there are some factors when valuing a diamond. These factors are clarity, cut, color, and carat, known as the four C’s.

2. Do Thorough Research

There are two routes if you sell diamond jewelry: sell to a dealer or directly to a client. Selling to somebody in the business means you can make a deal quickly, though it will be at a lower cost. When marketing with a dealer, look into their Better Business Bureau rating first.

Another alternative is to have a consignment dealer or shop sell your diamond jewelry, who will then get a commission on that deal. You can sell diamonds to a reliable pawnbroker, jeweler, diamond dealer, or pawnbroker in your area.

Make sure you check their reputation through their business reviews online or at Better Business Bureau. Also, most reputable jewelry corporations are those that have been in business for ages. After all, their business wouldn’t be running if they ran shady trade practices in their record.

The benefit of selling to an independent jeweler with a qualified gemologist is that you can sell fast and safely. So, pick a known business for buying and selling with a gemologist on the team.

You may also ask your family or friends for recommendations. Selling to somebody in your neighborhood, who will be able to meet in person, is an ideal approach to avoiding scams.

3. Online Selling Options

For some forms of selling diamond jewelry online, you could try local and global e-commerce sites. It’s the best way to have direct contact with the daily buyer without the need to appraise your diamond many times. You can sell your jewelry globally and get your payment immediately via Amazon or eBay.

Like meeting a diamond buyer in person, selling your jewelry online could be risky. So first, get in touch with a reputable brand and see how it goes. Is there something shady, or did they offer you a very high price?

Another option is checking the I Do Now I Don’t site, where sellers ship their diamonds, and buyers can buy them directly. When selling diamonds online, make sure to protect yourself from scams. Consider using a payment service such as PayPal for added protection against fraud.

Research a business that specializes in buying diamond jewelry online, like Avoid any firm that offers unclear details about their business or no reviews or information online. You may likely get a higher cost from the general public than selling to an industry.

However, it can be tricky to look for a reputed buyer online. To ensure a buyer is serious and reputable, talk to them on the phone before sending the jewelry or approving the sale.

4. Trust Your Instincts

If the deal doesn’t feel right, it’s best to back off and research all your options before deciding. As diamonds are usually symbols of love or passion, they can have sentimental value and are hard to give up.

However, diamond pieces of jewelry are only material things, and having peace of mind is vital. While it was a piece of your life once before, you need to be emotionally ready to let go and sell your jewelry.

5. Closing the Deal

Close the deal when you find a probable and reputable buyer. Accept payment and send the diamond jewelry. Remember that the significant reason for somebody to buy used diamond jewelry is to pay less. Based on market prices and appraisals, your diamond price must be realistic and fair.

Use comparable diamond jewelry sold online, which tells you how much you can charge. Ensure you receive payment first before sending the jewelry. Be mindful that online payment corporations charge a fee, which differs by industry.

Securely pack in a nondescript box and ship the jewelry through first class mail for security. Use double boxes and packaging materials like bubble wrap for added protection. Also, for quick delivery, you can ship via Federal Express Jewelry Shipping.

Consider checking with us at Diamond Exchange Houston. Save time and money with their certified gemologists, ensuring you the best price in the market.

Earn Top Dollar By Selling Diamond Jewelry

Remember all the tips above when selling diamond jewelry. Seek an expert appraiser, research, and know about the gemstone you sell.

Also, define your selling options, trust your instincts, and be emotionally set to sell. Make sure you contact a reputable jewelry company if you’re unsure who to call in selling your jewelry.

Ready to explore more about diamonds or jewelry? Read the rest of our guides to learn more tips and tricks!

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