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5 Tips for Starting a Successful Landscaping Business

5 Tips for Starting a Successful Landscaping Business

The landscaping industry makes $93 billion in revenue each year and employs over 1 million people across the United States. Landscaping is an incredibly fruitful business opportunity if you enjoy being outside and getting your hands dirty. If you have experience working as a landscaper and a mind for business, you have the potential to turn your skills into a money-making business opportunity.

Because of how intensive landscaping work is there is nearly always a market for lawn care experts. Keep reading to learn more about how to launch a successful landscaping business.

1. Determine Your Scope

As an industry landscaping covers a very wide range of skills from residential to commercial making it incredibly helpful for you to narrow your scope of services. If you want to only offer maintenance services or total landscape redesigns, you need to make that clear on your business model.

Lawn maintenance services help you maintain clients throughout the year. Whereas if you specialize in lawn redesigns you may get larger sums of cash but lack a steady stream of clients.

2. Equipment Acquisition

When you are launching your business, you need to start building out your arsenal of landscaping equipment. Landscapers must make the choice to rent or buy their equipment. You may need to rent out big expenses when you are starting off, although buying equipment outright will help you cut your operational expenses.

Contract landscapers spend thousands of dollars on their equipment. When you are starting off you have the option to buy lower-grade equipment or rent until you make enough to expand your business. Equipment may include weedwhackers, lawnmowers, wheelbarrows, and a variety of shovels.

3. Get Necessary Licensing

Before you start taking in clients you need to file for state licensing to own a business. You must file for your business license, tax ID number, and EIN to pay taxes. Connect with a small business expert to make sure all the necessary forms are filed.

4. Invest in Liability Insurance and Worker’s Compensation

In the landscaping business, workers deal with heavy-duty equipment which may cause them harm. You can protect yourself and your workers by investing in liability insurance and worker’s compensation. Most states require that you seek these out before bringing on staff.

Liability insurance covers the costs of repairs and legal fees that need to be covered if your employee accidentally damages a client’s property. This helps to protect your business from any potential lawsuits.

5. Develop a Marketing Plan That Turns a Profit

Once you factor in your start-up costs and expected payroll expenses you need to generate a business plan that will generate a profit. A major part of turning a profit in a saturated market like landscaping is developing a marketing plan that helps to build your brand.

You can start by building an online presence on Google search, Facebook, and other social media platforms. This paired with community partners that can help boost your brand recognition will help you generate potential client leads.

Mastering marketing channels and investing money into advertising will help you get your first customers. Word of mouth can kick in then to help you sustain your business. Use as a resource to grow your business.

Launch Your Landscaping Business

Starting up a landscaping business is a great way to generate revenue. Landscapers are often able to build a positive rapport with clients and keep them on as a form of steady income. By enlisting these tips to start your landscaping business you will surely turn a profit.

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