5 tips on how to easily get more Instagram followers

You may have noticed the Instagram hype, understood Instagram’s advantages, and even started your business with Instagram. And you’re regularly posting if you’re doing well. However, you can find your audience challenging. It will take some time to bring more followers on Instagram, just like every new account on any social networking platform, for your followers to expand into a wider audience. Here’s a couple of tips on getting more Instagram followers fast.


  1. Promote Your Instagram Account


How would they pursue you if nobody knows you are there? Make sure you promote your Instagram account in a number of ways.


  • Tell your clients that you are on Instagram.
  • Tell other fans of social media that you are on Instagram and make a link to your profile.
  • Use in your e-mail signature your Instagram URL
  • Include your flyer and business card Instagram handle.
  • In your e-newsletters, connect to your Instagram account

Of all, you need to do outside Instagram to grow your Instagram followers’ tips.


  1. Provide only Instagram content Exclusive


For increasing your Instagram follower’s visit once, exclusive content is so important. Why should they be following you on Instagram if fans and customers already follow you on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest already? There’s a reason you gotta send them!


How can I promote Instagram photos? On Instagram only, I always advise you to share exclusive images of events or items. These photos can be teased by posting a picture of your other social media accounts and asking the fans to see the rest of the pictures on Instagram (make your link!). This gives your followers a reason to come and see the rest of the pictures on Instagram. Do not automatically connect to each Instagram post on your Facebook or Twitter accounts.


Instagram fans can only share exclusive deals or promotions. Only then can you be sure that your followers will increase if people know that you can deliver these promotions.


  1. Hashtags


Hashtags are the best friend of Instagrammer. By using specific hashtags, you can greatly increase the scope of your posts. For the best performance, I recommend using 3-7 hashtags per message. Post contents and/or your business or niche should be linked to hashtags.


You can search Google (or any search engine) for popular Instagram hashtags if you want to know the hashtags are the most popular. They are somewhat different but are generally fairly consistent. However, I warn you not to use hashtags just because they are popular. For instance, do not use #sunset or #justinbeiber if your post is a new piece of jewelry, which you have in your shop. Keep track of tags – you can use #pretty or #fashion in a jewelry example. Both are popular but important tags for the message.


  1. Engage in Instagram regularly with others


One of the easiest ways to build up your audience is to engage with people. This means that you regularly like and comment on their posts on other people’s profiles. Conversation and followers are also created by answering your comments.


Find and get acquainted with new people in your business. When you and your profile are remembered, you will always be followed and the favor will be returned with likes and comments.


When people comment on your posts, make sure you just include them in your reply to see what you wrote. Answer questions, thank them, or ask how they do, for their opinions. Keep the talks going and there will be more voices chiming.


  1. Follow More Instagram Users


Nobody will follow you if you’re just 25 people unless you’re a major brand. You are active and interacting here so that more people join each other and become active! Although the following may not have an optimal precise ratio, you can track as many individuals as possible.


If you want great people to join, try to follow your followers (I know, this is a mouthful!). When you visit your Instagram notifications page, turn to the “Subsection” tab. This shows you all the messages with which you follow. Opportunities are that you have common interests and enjoy many of the posts and people you like. Click on the posts and view the profiles of these other people. Scroll through and join somebody. Instagram is fairly mutual and you will always want you back if you like and engage with other Instagram users. However, just ahead up, don’t just follow anybody


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