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5 Trends That Will Shape the Workplace after the Covid19 Pandemic

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In response to the Coronavirus outbreak the world experienced since the beginning of 2020, the WHO implemented many safety precautions. Wearing of face masks and social distancing are great contributors to the declining Covid19 cases, but people cannot withstand these two alone. Schools stopped operating, and many countries postponed business as usual.

Companies are still trying to pivot their strategies to make remote working efficient. Although the exact date for regular operation is still uncertain, here are the trends that will most definitely shape the workplace after the Covid19 pandemic.

Trend #1: Growth of Internal Communications

Offices initially appear with papers and filing cabinets, with tons of work waiting at the desk. As technology advances, the business changed by becoming paperless after the introduction of the internet and computers. Email became the standard of communication, replacing printed memorandums, announcements, resolutions, and letters.

When people return to the office after the pandemic, the office will change once again. From email, communication will lean more through mobile and cloud technology. This change is critical if companies do not want to fall behind other competitors in the industry.

Trend #2: Technology Integrations

Although Room Booking System Software exists for a while now, it became more necessary for companies to have. The use of room scheduler software helps reduce human contact inside the facility and minimize virus transmission. The DeskFlex room booking system software replaces the biometrics login and logout system with its QR code scanning feature. Additionally, it easily integrates with your pre-existing platform so you can do things all together in one place.

Trend #3: “New Normal” in a Shared Office Space

Having a productive space to carry out tasks is essential. If you are struggling with limited space for your employees due to the social distancing rule, shared office spaces are for you. With room scheduler software, employees can admit themselves in the office at any time they wish without worrying about a workspace.

Trend #4: Workflow and Work Structure

Companies are now looking for ways to take care of their employees’ health while maintaining the right balance with work. One solution to this is a flexible schedule for everyone, allowing employees to freely choose their working hours. Since this trend comes with Shared Office Spaces, workers can indicate their preferred working time through the room booking system software. If people can work better in the morning, they can do so. Additionally, others who like to work later can use the same workspace or choose a different one during their shift.

Trend #5: Mental Health Consideration

Adopting a flexible working schedule, technology integrations through room scheduler software, and maximizing internal communication platforms promote good mental health. Because the pandemic causes so much anxiety to people, businesses can develop ways to keep employees happy and productive. Above all, mental wellness is the top priority.


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