5 Understated Features of Candle Boxes for Wholesale Market

Candles are, by far, one of the few ancient developments that we still use today. To be precise, people have been using candles since 200BC. So, what makes them so special and why people are still using them? Of course, it’s not for their original purpose, that is to be the source of light in the dark if it’s not for the illumination, what other purposes a candle can serve. They presented in candle boxes are the best.

One of the foremost reasons that people still use and love buying candles is the beauty and aura they create. Not surprisingly, the prime motivation behind their charm and elegance is their presentation. So, it all comes down to the candle packaging boxes.

Custom candle boxes add an exceptional charm and increase the perceived value of your product. Based on a survey from consumers’ perspectives, here are some statistics about how packaging influences buying decisions.

  • 67% of consumers agree that packaging material influences their buying decision.
  • 68% of consumers said they would prefer buying a Kraft or cardboard package if given a choice between paper packaging or plastic packaging.
  • 71% of buyers agreed to buy brands that package their products in paper or cardboard than in other materials.
  • 63% of consumers said that they a product with paper-based packaging for it can be reused.
  • 63% of consumers said that paper-based product packaging seems more premium or high quality. 

With that, here are some of the most underrated features of custom candle boxes UK that a person in the candle business should know about.

Increase Product Value

The vital point that most retailers overlook is the value candle boxes add to your product. Different companies sell different varieties of candles, all with their own scent, shape, and weightage. If you also want to provide diversity to your candle range, why sue the same packaging for all of them.

Packaging companies can design custom packaging for all of your candles. Moreover, it will be an excellent idea to provide seasonal packaging for your candles. After all, you can’t expect to sell candle packaging with warm and comfy colours in steamy summers.

With all these small customisations, packaging adds more value to your product, and more value means you can sell it for a couple of more pounds than your buyers. There is no harm in marketing at a higher price if your product gives more to the buyers. As a candle is a luxury product, and premium buyers don’t hesitate to pay a little extra. 

Most Preferable Packaging Material

As mentioned above, 63% of consumers prefer buying a product with paper-based packaging. That’s not all; paper packaging boxes come with several plus points, making them the first choice of consumers. In 2017, the United Kingdom touched a staggering number of 181 thousand metric tons of packaging waste.

Out of which only 53% was either recycled and or recovered. Imperatively, this is increasing with each passing day. Packaging companies like A lot of packaging suppliers support reusable and recycled packaging and thus provide a wide range of paper-based packaging for candles and many more products.

Less Shipping Cost

Apart from the consumer base, retailers also prefer paper-based packaging for their own benefits. One of those benefits is the lightweight of these candle boxes. If you are one of those retailers who are still more for transportation, just for the weight of their packaging, this is your time to cut that cost to the minimum.

The reason behind the less weight of biodegradable candle boxes is their material. They prepared materials like Kraft with wood-pulp, which itself is a feathery substance. 

Ease of Customisation

With the help of our design team, you can completely personalise your candle packaging without any hazard. Moreover, there are numerous perks when it comes to customisation. The advancement in technology has made it possible to get the most complex packaging design within a blink of an eye. If you want your candle box to shape like a pyramid for the sake of uniqueness, a renowned packaging company can do it for you. 

Apart from the candle box’s shape and material, you can also select the preferable printing techniques. Talking about printing, they offer unique add-ons such as embossing, debossing, and spot UV to present your brand name with prominence. 

Damage-free Candle Boxes

Custom candle boxes wholesale give your candles the protection they need. While being lightweight, eco-friendly candle boxes are also sturdy enough to withstand any possible mishandlings and mishaps that could ultimately make your candles useless. Moreover, to increase safekeeping, you can also add some extra features of protection, including cushioning and custom inserts. Such packaging add-ons intact your product securely and keep it safe from jerks and accidental drops.

However, if your the ultimate protection for international shipments, we recommend cardboard candle packaging boxes. As cardboard is a bit heavier than cardboard, it also provides more security to your candles.

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Candles have become a symbol of love and decoration these days, thus they require packaging that intact such gestures and make people fall in love with them. Therefore, you need candle packaging that increases the perceived value of your product. To sum it up, here is a quick review of the things we discussed in the post above.

Custom candle packaging is preferred by most buyers out there, we mentioned the details that make them so special and preferable. Moreover, these candle boxes are light in weight which makes it easier for you to cut down the shipment cost and make your product cheaper as compared to your competitor’s. Apart from this, candle packaging boxes are also easier to customise.

You use several customisations add-ons and tips to make your box look cooler and attractive. Lastly, these boxes can protect your candle so they don’t damage during the shipment. After all, damage-free packaging should be on top of our priorities, as no one wants to buy an aesthetic product with dents and bumps.


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